Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Media of Pakistan-Propaganda against Baloch

Balochistan, a state which is occupied by Pakistan & Iran is under another operation. Balochistan for 62 years is being looted and the people of Balochistan have been under severe human rights violation, and still for these 62 years the international human rights champions, the international media, UNO & EU have never raised there concern over the violation that have claimed many innocent Baloch lives. It is not because that the international community doesn’t want to, UNO & EU now days pay a good attention to many poverty ridden and occupied nation, But Pakistan is a country which for 62 years was under controlled by the Pakistani army. The dictatorship has never let any stone unturned; the media, the civilian population have been kept in dark whenever there was violation going on inside Balochistan. From the regime of Ayub Khan to the dictatorship of Parvez Musharaf the stage was set for propagating the agenda of Pakistan army. As another war broke inside occupied Balochistan, The state machinery such as Media, Political parties, committees & Packages were used to suppress the ongoing freedom movement of Balochistan and to further keep the Baloch as there slave nation.

Today media plays a great part whether it is used for getting information or to misguide people from the truth. As the whole world knows today what’s happening inside Balochistan but the Pakistani media is hiding every truth and the crimes which are going on inside Balochistan, Human rights violation is on its verge inside Balochistan where every day Baloch youth are being abducted or are being tortured in Qulli Camp [Guantanamo Bay of Balochistan], Even the situation has went up that the political leadership of Balochistan who are demanding total freedom of Balochistan are being abducted, brutally tortured and are being murdered cold bloodedly, There martyred bodies dumped in the hills of Balochistan but the media of Pakistan is busy directing the attention of uninformed people to Taliban or to show the Baloch struggle as insurgency or terrorism, which is a proof that the Media of Pakistan is just a machinery of state being used to misguide people and to hide the crimes of Pakistani army. It has been 7 months since the killing of political leadership of Balochistan Likewise BNM Chairman Martyr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch, BNM Vice Chairman Martyr Lala Muneer Baloch & BRP General Secretary Martyr Sher Mohammad Baloch, but no proof of the killer is given. The local people are witness of this heinous killing and they have the proof that who abducted these 3 leaders from the office of their Lawyer Mister Kachkol Ali Advocate. Even Mr. Kachkol Ali Advocate have given information about the abduction and have also launched an FIR on the names of ISI Chief, MI Chief but no investigation was taken, first the police rejected to launch an FIR but after the pressure from the local people the FIR was taken but the ISI Chief or the MI Chief were never taken for questioning.

This was just an example or a proof of a heinous crime which are occurring inside Balochistan, The Pakistani media is not only informed but is very much busy to show that there is no freedom struggle inside Balochistan but a low level insurgency whom are trying to destabilized the Country and whom are working for foreign hands like India, America or Israel. One thing is clear that the Baloch has no hope over this media that it will ever show something which is satisfactory for the Baloch nation. An investigation was shown actually it was not an investigation but a staged drama from ISI in which Mubashir Luqman was the host and the criminal named Gazzo aged under 25 years old was being questioned about a suicide bomb which went off somewhere near Dera Bugti, Although local people have rejected that the house in which this suicide bombing took place is no where near Dera Bugti it must be Waziristan, but the host saying was that this house was used by Gazzo and his friend cum commander Jeevan for suicide bombing missions. According to the staged drama Gazzo and Jeevan were both working for Guerrilla Commander Brahamdagh Bugti and were brought here in Dera Bugti for suicide bombing on the military checkposts. The show even hosted that Gazzo was with Brahamdagh Bugti in Afghanistan all the time, he was there when Brahamdagh Bugti was receiving guests from Indian Agency, he also saw Brahamdagh, Hamid Karzai with many Indian Spy Officials who were there to support and to lend money to Brahamdagh.

One must think how stupid this show or staged drama was and who was the writer, director of this drama because it doesn’t make sense at all. How Gazzo a young man not even ranked commander can be with Brahamdagh Bugti all the time and how Indian Spy Officials can let Gazzo in there private meeting with Brahamdagh Bugti. Gazzo saw the Indian Agents lending money to Brahamdagh Bugti, The Indian Officials and Brahamdagh let Gazzo witness everything who is newly recruited and was there to be trained. According to the show Jeevan was the person who took Gazzo to meet Riaz another commander of Brahamdagh Bugti, Gazzo was trained and was sent back to Dera Bugti with Jeevan but they failed there mission because the bomb exploded in the house in which Gazzo and Jeevan were staying but by God Bless that both of them came out of the ruined house uninjured. But when the house was shown it was totally damaged the roof of the house collapsed and with seeing the destruction we could say that the bomb was much powerful but how Gazzo and Jeevan came out of it unharmed it’s a mystery.

According to the statement of Gazzo’s Father recorded by that Gazzo has never seen Afghanistan and he has never left Dera Bugti in his age and meeting Brahamdagh in Afghanistan is all a lie because Gazzo was abducted months before this show by the notorious ISI personals and the second character Jeevan who was said to be the mastermind that took Gazzo to Afghanistan is a school teacher according to Jeevan’s brother that he was also abducted along with Gazzo and both of these man have disappeared until there family member’s saw them in this show. Now how unfair Pakistani media is with the Baloch Nation that it’s being used by the army to propagate lies and hide the truth to safeguard the interest of State machinery, whom are involved in heinous crimes against humanity. Genocide is occurring in every part of Balochistan but the state media is propagating state policies trying to cover up the mass human rights violation, even the Nazi’s will be ashamed once they see the Pakistani army beating, torturing & murdering young Baloch whom are asking for their rights of freedom. The case of Zarina Marri when once came in the eyes of public it was shocking news that a Baloch woman’s honor is being ripped apart by the Pakistan army, But no action was taken into account and the state media didn’t even responded but when Mukthara mai was raped by the waderas in the ruler Punjab the whole state media became active which shows how Media and other state machinery deals with the Balochistan Issue.

Actually Balochistan is not an issue, it has never been an issue for Pakistan, as Balochistan was a free state even before Pakistan and was accepted as a sovereign state it was forcefully annexed and now it is being looted and plundered. From every place of Balochistan Pakistani establishment and bureaucrats are busy exploiting resources so to stable the damned economy of Pakistan which is actually not going to be that easy. Balochistan today has became highlighted and has been widely know has an occupied region which is why today Pakistan has thrown every card it has on the deck whether it be to crush the freedom struggle, Sabotage the peace, target innocent civilians, abduct political activist and leaders or to use the media has a tactic to misguide the Baloch people and to show the international powers that Balochistan is under insurgency and it has to be wiped up before Pakistan is disintegrated. In these 62 years Balochistan has been under war for 5 times and in these 5 times more than 60000 Baloch have gone missing or abducted, 30000 to 40000 Baloch have been killed for shouting independence, 250000 to 300000 Baloch have left their home and have taken refuge in Sindh or other parts of Pakistan, The living standard of Baloch inside Balochistan cannot be even called satisfactory because in 28 May 1998 Pakistan nuked Balochistan in the hills of Chagai which still today is under severe radiation from which not only the livestock are in danger but the local population is not covering up from the radiation which took place 10 years before and still has effected the region. Like the Government, the media of Pakistan has neglected Balochistan.

The massacre of the Bugti tribe on 28 March 2005 was indeed too much that it was also recorded by a patriot Baloch and it was also shown to the international public thanks to Baloch people living abroad but that recorded video was never broadcasted in any of the media channel in Pakistan. The Pakistani civilian leadership and even General Parvez Musharraf in there time of Presidency vowed to give freedom of speech and free media but these promises were not meant for Baloch. In Balochistan there is no freedom of speech as in the past couple of weeks many Balochistan print media personal have confessed that they were been threaten by the FC [Frontier Constabulary] and some of the journalist have been imprisoned for talking about the rights of Baloch. The electronic media, print media which belong to Balochistan and whom are working for the rights of Baloch or are the voice of Baloch have been sealed or were threaten not to disclose anything which will show the true face of Pakistani state. The electronic media of Balochistan which are,, and some of the blogs which are working for the rights of Baloch nation that is total independence have been banned from the view of general public, Sabzbaat Balochistan TV channel which broadcasted some crucial information about inhuman condition of Baloch refugees and to that it was banned, The cameraman of Sabzbaat Balochistan was abducted by the notorious ISI and was tortured. The print media Daily Azad, Asaap Publications & Daily Tawar are the famous newspaper media of Balochistan in which Daily Azad & Asaap are sealed and have stopped their publications because of everyday harassment of the staff of these 2 newspapers by the hands of FC [Frontier Constabulary] there publication were searched before printing by the FC personals, every person who came to visit were searched and were humiliated by the FC personals.

Now this kind of freedom of speech and free media is going on inside Balochistan where truth is being suffocated because of the fear that if the truth comes out the Pakistani state would be no more. Every day Pakistani media is busy to neutralize the situation in Balochistan by propagating lies from which misguided people are being brainwashed, the situation in Balochistan is tensed and every normal day becomes an Armageddon for Baloch nation. After many operations on innocent Baloch peoples, everyday abduction, killing, mass human rights violation, genocide and torturing, The civilian Government of PPP has given free amnesty to the peoples who were resisting & defending, What a shame that the Killers are giving amnesty to the oppressed who are just defending themselves, and even now Prime minister Mr. Yousuf Raza Gillani in his new speech has said that “It is time to give the due rights of Balochistan”, ‘Its Time’ In these 62 years Balochistan has been neglected, Baloch Nation faced genocide after genocide from every Government of Pakistan whether it be Civilian Leadership or Military Dictatorship, Baloch Nation suffered when ever it tried to resist the occupation of Pakistan and Iran. Every new Government of Pakistan feels guilty for the genocide and feel sorry for poverty ridden Baloch Nation and wants to change the situation by developing mega projects inside Balochistan to clear the poverty but development becomes just an excuse to start suppressing Baloch Nation more and to occupy the resources of Balochistan by starting another genocide and operation over the Baloch Nation.

Now-a-days news has been circulating that another committee or should I say Parliamentary committee is being made over Balochistan situation and the solution for the speeding insurgency [Resistance]. These kinds of committee’s are like Monsoon Weather, They comes, are discussed and are gone by the wind, because Balochistan main problem is it has been occupied, No committee or Package can clear this issue. The Parliamentary Committee comes whenever the Baloch start resisting the Occupying forces, these kinds of committee’s doesn’t include the main leaders of the Baloch movement because the resisting forces in Balochistan now doesn’t believe in the parliament of Pakistan even they don’t consider Pakistan as a country. Today the resisting forces alike BLA, BRA, BLUF & BLF from start have rejected any negotiations with Pakistan and even the leaders of Balochistan Freedom movement Martyr Nawab Shahbaz Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawab Khair Buksh Marri, Hyarbiar Marri & Brahamdagh Bugti have said in their statements that Baloch Nation will not negotiate less than freedom and to this the State Interior Advisor Mr. Rahman Malik replied that Balochistan will be granted with any wish accept Freedom. Now how could a parliamentary committee be a success if there is no negotiation going on? One more thing is that today majority of Baloch nation has rejected parliamentary politics and the politicians who are still trying their comeback inside the parliament of Pakistan have been rejected by majority of Baloch nation. In the early months of 2009 President Asif Ali Zardari visited Balochistan for solving the situation inside Balochistan for which he granted another committee under the leadership of Nawab Aslam Raisani in which problems and the solutions for it were discussed after which this committee was null invalid by the Baloch Nation and Nationalist parties inside Balochistan. After this committee was ended three Baloch nationalist were abducted and killed in which one Nationalist named Martyr Ghulam Mohammad Baloch who was the Chairman of BNM played a major role for the release of UNO Human Rights Activist John Solecki.

On 9 September President Asif Ali Zardari announced Provincial Package for Balochistan in which different aspect of Balochistan issue were stated and the method to resolve these issue were also announced. Balochistan package included many new development projects, NFC award quota increasing, Employment Quota, Gwadar port authority & Royalty for the gas utilizing. After the announcement of the Provincial Package was done it was never fulfilled. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani in his 26 September statement announced that on 5 October 2009 the Package will be showed in the Balochistan parliament and it would be publicized to other Political parties, But the package was never made public, and it was left behind like the other promises which were made by the previous Government and it was forgotten like a bad chapter.

As our topic is “Media of Pakistan? Propaganda against Baloch” which can be clearly seen that the Pakistani Media has started to campaign wrong information about the Balochistan issue. Today the Pakistani media is very keen to resolve the Balochistan issue through negotiations but actually they are negotiating with the wrong parties and political activists because the Main Leaders, whom majority of Baloch Nation support are never broadcasted or interviewed as to what are the demands of Baloch Nation because they know clearly that the answer would be Independence of Balochistan and end of Occupation, which will clearly show the downfall of the Pakistani Governmental institutions inside Balochistan, As so the result of the negotiation would be failure for the Pakistan. Today many Baloch political parties call themselves “Baloch Nationalist Party” like BNP (M), NP & BNP (A) but if we see the poll which is voted by majority of the Baloch Nation, These parties are boycotted by the Baloch Nation as being totally “Pakistan Nationalist Party”. These Parties now a days are being shown as the Baloch Nationalist Party in Pakistani media as to misguide the International Communities about the ongoing Freedom Movement inside Balochistan because these Parties whenever been given chances have talked about minor problems or issues of Balochistan like Provincial Autonomy, Royalty, NFC Quota & Gwadar port which are actually not the problems of Balochistan, The main reason to bring them in the frontline is to misguide the minds of people from the true face of the problem which is “Occupation of Balochistan” which is still not discussed on any forum because Pakistani media has blocked every path of Baloch Nation as it is propagating the wrong information which will clearly raise doubts in the minds of Baloch or Non-Baloch as to what the actual situation is inside Balochistan.

The Conclusion to this is to boycott Pakistani Media once and for all and to launch a self campaign to promote the Media of Balochistan or to promote those who accept that what’s happening inside Balochistan is against humanity and it’s against the International Laws and it has to be stopped. The last message to Baloch Nation is to stop Pakistani Media from approaching the mind of Common Baloch and to stop the propaganda it has started to crush the Freedom Struggle. Baloch Nation has to understand today that whatever is labeled Pakistani it’s going to be used against them so Baloch today has to stop and cut the roots which have been grown to dismember the Freedom Movement. Pakistani Media is a State weapon and it’s going to be used whether legally or illegally because “There is no fair game when your enemy is much more powerful than you”, Justice no longer is there in the Pakistani state books because Pakistan has for 62 years tried to crush and genocide the Baloch from the face of the earth.

This is an appeal to the International Communities, UNO, EU, Amnesty International, Asian Human Rights, and to all Freedom loving people that today Baloch and Balochistan are both on the verge of destruction and it has so far stopped the occupation of Balochistan by the Hands of Pakistan and Iran and it will do so in the future too but still the Baloch Nation appeals that whatever there is the Genocide of Baloch Nation should be stopped and Iran & Pakistan both State should be tried before the International Court of Justice for the killing of many innocent Baloch, and Balochistan should be granted as an Independent Country.


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