Saturday, 26 June 2010

Jundullah Says Thousands Fidaheen, including women, Ready to Avenge Regi’s Murder

QUETTA: Jundullah, a Sunni Baloch group working inside Iran whose head Abdul Malik Regi was executed by the Iranian authorities last week, has threatened to “teach Iran a lesson” to avenge the murder of its twenty-eight year old charismatic leader.

A Jundullah spokesman, Abdul Rauf Baloch, told the media via satellite phone from an unknown location on Thursday that his organization would take revenge of the murder of its chief by the Iranian authorities who tortured Regi to death.

“The murder of Regi is a great tragedy for the entire Baloch world. It is an irreparable loss for which Iran would be taught a lesson that will be remembered by its coming generations,” vowed the spokesman, who added that Regi had started his struggle against the Iranian regime at an age of 19 and was martyred at the age of 28.

“Regi has now become the name of a political philosophy that stands for the rights of the Baloch people. Thousands of Fidaeen, including women, are sending us messages showing their willingness to take revenge from Iran,” he claimed.

The spokesman rejected the impression that Regi had been hanged by the Iranian authorities. He contended that Jundullah chief had been tortured by his captors until his death.

He also asked all the non-Balochs who had been brought by the Iranian authorities to create a demographic imbalance in the Baloch-majority province, to immediately leave Balochistan. In case of noncompliance, he warned they would be targeted and killed on the lines of guerilla warfare.

“Iran believes it can deter Balochs from their political struggle by hanging our people or applying torturous tactics against them. Teheran is badly mistaken to think this way as our movement is deeply rooted now and our Fidaheen will soon teach Iran a lesson,” he warned.

The Jundullah spokesman maintained that thousands of young Balochs had expressed full confidence in the leadership of new Jundullah chief Zahir Baloch and vowed to struggle against Iran till the last drop of their blood.

“The Governor of Zahidan, who has been continuously threatening the Balochs, will soon meet his fate,” he threatened.

He deeply appreciated the overwhelming reaction of the people of Eastern Balochistan (Pakistani province of Balochistan) over the killing of Abdul Malik Regi and appealed to them to cooperate with Jundullah to liberate Iranian Balochistan from the control of Persians.

“The writers and intellectuals should specially play their role in highlighting the issue of the Balochs living in Iran and give them a vision for independence,” he appealed.


  1. You wrote about his killing but not mentioning killing dozens of innocent people by his orders. You should be ashamed. I don't support Islamic Republic government but calling a murderer, martyr is a big shame. Freeing a nation based on bloodshed is a harmful act against the nation. These things cannot solve poverty in Sistan and Baluchistan!