Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Baloch Nation should disassociate themselves from pro-Pakistan Nawabs and Sardars: BLA

Occupied Balochistan: Baloch nation should abandon their personal interests and join the ranks of those who are fighting for the freedom of Balochland. It is the demand of time and situation that Baloch must unite and stand against the enemy of Baloch Nation. These views were been expressed by a senior commander of Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) in video message which has been posted on Youtube and distributed to news agencies in Balochistan. The masked BLA commander said “We are at war against the enemy of Baloch Nation. We are fighting for the Independence of Balochistan. We salute all those mothers, sisters and father who’s loved ones are being killed in custody by enemy forces. However, these atrocities are not unexpected because the path that we have chosen is full of difficulties and we have to be ready for sacrifices both mentally and physically”.

The BLA commander who spoke both Balochi and Brahui (dialect of Balochi) said that Baloch have been living on this land for thousands of years. Their language, culture and traditions are much different than those who occupied this land. It is our right to stop those who occupied our motherland and they are robbing our natural resources. The outsiders are treating Baloch as their slaves in their own country. We (Baloch) must ask these occupiers that who has given them the right to rule on our land? Is a God-given right, any human authorized them or is it just the greed which forced them to invade our land? Baloch youth are being martyred for asking these simple questions. The atrocities of the state have exceeded all the limits and no Baloch feels safe in their own country.

The Baloch commander said they were disappointed and surprised on how their own Baloch brothers have been brainwashed to take side of the enemy and provide them information against Baloch fighters. “They (enemies) are trying to create hurdles for us in our own homes”. Without naming anyone the BLA commander said that “These (agents) are the stooges and remainders of the British who have become so powerless that they cannot breathe before their Punjabi masters. They are killing Baloch youth to gain two time bread from themselves. Those youth have abandoned their homes and personal gains for the interest of Baloch Nation and freedom of Balochland”.

In their video message the BLA fighters requested the Baloch nation to expose the faces of enemy agents. Even though the BLA has made their policy how to deal with these collaborators, however, the Baloch Nations should also decide what to do with them because greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of Baloch Nation. Everyone must socially boycott those who are sitting in the lap of the enemies of Balochistan. “We (Baloch) should cut off all ties from these stooges of enemy and stop following them to make them realize that they are isolated and not from us”. These agents of enemy are so powerless that they can’t even raise their heads and now they are waving their tails to point the directions of liberation seeking Balochs.

The message of BLA further said that these agents are neither Nawab nor Sadar they are only stooges of enemy and BLA has made a policy how sort them out. Baloch Nation must also recognize them; they hired thieves, criminal and bandits at the hands of enemy and the enemy is using them against Baloch freedom fighters to harm the Baloch Nation cause.

BLA in their message appealed the Baloch Nation to expose such people and inform Baloch political forces and the BLA about their black deeds. The collaborators do not deserve forgiveness. They should not think that they can weaken the Baloch freedom struggle by taking advantage of Baloch weaknesses. “They are not from us (Baloch) and we do not consider them as our people; they were living on the pieces of enemy and now they depend on Punjabis”. If they are being well fed by the Punjabis and cannot do anything against their master then at least they must not talk against Baloch freedom fighters; if they cannot do anything they must keep quite. “If they still do not understand then BLA knows how to punish them”.

The BLA message further said that “We (BLA) are an organization and we are taking forward a program, which is the freedom of Balochistan. BLA is not the whole Baloch nation neither do we make any such claims. We ask all Baloch political parties, and freedom loving Baloch youth to unite if they believe in the cause of liberation and follow our ideology. We should keep aside our petty tribal issues and personal interests (egoism); stand together against the common enemy of Baloch Nation. We are only Baloch and that’s what we should call ourselves if we want to progress and prosperous. It is the demand of the time and current circumstances that we should leave behind tribal interests and protect our (Baloch) National interests”.

BLA commander further urged the Baloch Nation to decide one day as “NATIONAL REMEMBERCE DAY” to pay tributes to Baloch Martyrs instead of holding each martyrs day separately. On this day we should send a unanimous massage to International World that those youth, men and women of our Nation who have sacrificed their present for our future will be remembered as our heroes. This day we must tell the world that Baloch martyrs sacrificed their lives for nothing less than free Balochistan.

In their video message BLA also suggested that one day should be nominated as “Mehr Rouch” [National Unity or affection Day] to show solidarity with Baloch sarmachaars and to prove to the world that Baloch Nation rallies behind the Baloch freedom fighters. At the end of their video message BLA saluted the Martyrs of Balochistan and their families for their courageous fight against occupying forces. They termed the statements and messages of Baloch freedom loving people as a source of inspiration for Baloch freedom fighters.

The video message was dedicated to Saheed Irfan, Shaheed Sarwar aka Khalil Baloch, Shaheed Warna Majeed Zehri Baloch and Shaheed Sami Mengal. In other parts of videos the BLA showed their attacks against occupying forces in different part of Balochistan. The video message also contained footages of some government agents who have been filmed while having picnics with Pakistan army Brigadiers. 

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