Friday, 17 December 2010

Pakistan spooks kill brothers of forcibly disappeared: report

WASHINGTON DC: Brothers of at least two victims of enforced disappearances have been killed extra judicially by Pakistan intelligence services, a premier organization that helps protect human rights Voice of Copts was informed Thursday.
There have been cases in recent weeks a brother who tries to secure the release bof victim of enforced disapperances by creating public awarness is killed by the secret agencies.
Asim Karim Baloch, 18, was a student of Multan Polytechnic College and a member of Baloch Students Organization Azad. The teenager was abducted after he addressed a press conference against the abduction of his brother Tariq Karim Baloch.
Tariq Karim Baloch was abducted on 26 October 2010.
Asim Karim Baloch's body was found in Khanozai area on 1 November 2010.
Mujeeb Baloch, unit secretary of Baloch Students Organization Azad was abducted from Balochistan University on September 1, 2009 while his brother Yaseen Mohammed Shahi, who was running from pillar to post for the release of his brother was shot dead in Kalat town on October 10.
Fates of Tariq Karim Baloch and Mujeeb Baloch are not known.
Pakistan's human rights violations are happening under the very nose of the Department of State and Balochistan analysts in North America it seems like the late Afpak Czar, also called Raging Bull, Richard C. Holbrooke, had given an assurance the U.S. woud keep quiet on the miltary atrocities in Balochistan.
Military brutalities in Balochistan are part of the military's strategic depth policy that might turn Balochistan into a second Afghanistan if the cancer is not treated through balkanization of Pakistan, these Baloch analysts warn.
The report presented to Ashraf Ramelah, founder and president of the Voice of Copts, bared the gross human rights violations of the Baloch both in Pakistan and Iran.

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