Sunday, 12 December 2010

Baloch youth abducted by Pakistan state after human rights day

Occupied Balochistan: Pakistan's security forces and secret services have abducted a Baloch youth in the port city of Gwadar, just a day after the international human rights day.

The victim has been identified as Abdul Qayyum Baloch, son of Nazar Mohammed Baloch. He has been abducted from his residence, Radio Gwank from Sweden reported.

Abdul Qayyum Baloch is a student and is a member of the pro-independence Baloch Students Organization Azad.

Enraged Baloch mobs laid a seige of the residence of Ghafoor Kalmati, minister for fihseries in the state government of Balochistan, and pelted it with stones, according to a phone call received here in USA.

Baloch resistance parties, struggling for an independent Balochistan, has recently changed its tactics and has begun targeting high-ranking Baloch officials in response to the enforced disapperances and extra judicial killings in Balochistan. ... te-after-human-rights-day

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