Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Baloch National Struggle wont Halt, Baloch nation will see the dawn of Freedom:BLF

Occupied Balochistan: The Spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front Mr Doda Baloch spoke about the yesterday incident happened in Basima where a veterinary hospital was bombed, in second incident two PTCL cabinet were torched in Turbat and on Monday night an agent of Pakistani intelligence agency named Imtiaz was killed in Panjgur, he confirmed these incident from an unknown location via satellite phone in the late hours of Monday.

Mr Baloch stated that including those entire incidents a wine store was also attacked by the fighters of Balochistan Liberation front and he also claimed the responsibility of all these attacks.

He further stated by clarifying that who ever tries to spy against Baloch National Movement of Freedom or tries to put obstacle in between it will be hit by the freedom fighters, doesn’t matters from which Tribe or nation he belongs to and if any so called Nawab, Sardar or Tribal personality tries to be a hurdle in between national liberation he should know that his status is nothing equal to Baloch National liberation struggle and we will hit them whenever we like.

Those who are alive from the thrown pieces of establishment should be aware that we Baloch freedom fighters are well aware of their status that how they try to lock themselves in their houses by given excuses that Baloch National Liberation Struggle is nothing but Tribal wars those Nawabs and Sardars should know better that Baloch Nation will soon finish them up.

He continued by Saluting those martyred who sacrificed their lives to give fuel to this revolution, he said that those who were killed by Pakistani army in the torture cells and later there mutilated bodies were found have given a new reason and soul for this national liberation struggle and has risen up the spirit of Baloch freedom fighters.

In last he assured Baloch nation that this struggle wont halt until the dawn of Freedom is seen, he stated that Mohammad Jan who is a levies officer escaped from the earlier attack but he will be hit again.

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