Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Baloch nationalist leaders claim 147 women among 13,300 persons missing since 2000

KARACHI:Around 13,300 Baloch people are missing since 2000 to till date, claimed by Baloch nationalist leaders raising voice of its nation. Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman, Voiced for Baloch Missing Persons, while talking to Business Recorder on Tuesday claimed that so far 13,300 Baloch nationals had been made missing in which 147 women were included.

Baloch complained that Supreme Court Judicial Commission for missing persons had also been failed. The report of the commission is based on dishonesty and biased and we rejected the report completely, he maintained. Baloch said the tenure of the commission was earlier six months but later it was extended twice for three months but after one year neither any member of the commission went to the home of missing persons nor any information was provided about the torture cells.

According to Baloch, Frontier Constabilary (FC) personnel started operation in an area of Quetta city Kulli Kambrani two days back in the night when temperature was freezing and people including children and women were forced to spend the whole night above the sky while at the end of operation FC personnel arrested 70 men and took along with them.

Baloch said there is law of the jungle in Balochistan while adding it is necessary for police to produce the detained person before Magistrate within 24 hours but no one was produced.

We have been organising hunger strike camps at Karachi, Islamabad and Balochistan for one year and we organised to hold a camp in Karachi third time on December 19, 2010, but despite passing 10 days nothing happened, Baloch claimed. He appealed the United Nations, European Union, human rights organisations, civil society and journalist fraternity to take up their voice for releasing missing person and put pressure on government in this regard.

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