Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Mehran Baluch slams Human Rights Watch for misleading reports

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Mehran Baluch the Baloch representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council has expressed his deep concerns over the Human Rights Watch’s recent report.

In a statement Mr Baluch said, “that Human Rights Watch is considered as an impartial organization in the whole world including Baluchistan, but after the publication of the report on Monday has raised doubts in the minds of the Baloch people that some NGO’s and organizations are helping the Baloch enemies directly or indirectly and damaging the Baloch cause of freedom by publishing misleading reports.”

“The report of an international independent Human Rights organization looks more like a Pakistani Establishments report, to malign the Baloch struggle of freedom Pakistani establishment issues such kinds of reports on Pakistani print and electronic media on a regular basis,” said Mehran Baluch

“I fear that by mistake the organization has issued the report that was made by Rehman Malik’s office in Islamabad. Because Baloch nation and the world have heard similar statements many time from Rahman Malik and the stooges of Pakistani establishment,” he added.

In the report the organization has mentioned the victimized family members of Punjabis and interviewed them in various cities of Punjab but unfortunately neither they could meet the family members of the Baloch missing persons who are demonstrating in the streets of Balochistan and holding huger strike camps in Karachi and different press clubs of Balochistan for recovery of their loved ones who were wished away by Pakistani secret agencies nor did they acknowledge those Baloch women children and elderly whom were gifted more than 50 bullet-riddled bodies of their family members in just last few months by ISI and MI seeking for justice from the civilized world and Human Rights Organizations.

“We expect from the high officials of Human Rights Watch to look into this mater to confirm that there is no foul play in the publishing of this bias report by the Islamabad bureau of Human Rights Watch,” said Mehran.

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