Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Iran hangs 11 Baloch for confronting the “sacred regime” of the Islamic Republic

Occupied Balochistan: The men were executed at dawn on Monday in Zahedan, the capital city of western occupied Balochistan. According to BBC, Ebrahim Hamidi, head of the provincial justice department, told state news agency Irna that the group had received a fair trial and had been charged with "corruption on earth, fighting against God and the Prophet and confronting the sacred regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran".

The executions have been carried out days after the deadly suicide bombing outside the Imam Hossein Mosque in the city of Chabahar on 15 December which killed and wounded scores.

Jundullah had accepted the responsibility of the attack. Founded in 2003, Jundullah (Soldiers of God) says it is fighting for the culture and faith of the Baluch people in Iranian occupied Balochistan or western occupied Balochistan.

The majority of Iran’s Baloch population lives in Sistan-Balochistan and adhere to the Sunni branch of Islam. They say that as a minority in a Shia state, they are persecuted by the authorities because of their faith and being Baloch.

The hanged men have been named as below:
1. Abdolbasset Shahbakhsh s/o Allahdad
2. Abdolnasser Shahbakhsh s/o Allahdad
3. Abdolshakur Zangizahi s/o Hossain
4. Mohammad Saleh Islamzahi s/o Atta Mohammad
5. Nasser Shahbakhsh s/o Zaman
6. Lal Mohammad Shahbakhsh s/o Karim
7. Attaollah Rigi s/o Nazar Mohammad
8. Abdolrahman Naruvi s/o Khaleqdad
9. Abdolrauf Shahbakhsh s/o Shanbeh
10. Balanch Naruvi s/o Ali
11. Ahmad Naruvi s/o Abdolkarim.

The National reported that, a statement released after the executions warned all those with connections to Jundullah that the justice department of the province would not "hesitate for a moment in prompt execution of the sentences passed on armed insurgents and will decisively carry out the laws of Islam".

None of the men executed on Monday morning were said to have been involved in the suicide bombing on December 15 in the southern port city of Chabahar.

It is not clear when these men had been arrested or if they have received a fair trial. Usually, the court proceedings in Iran are peculiar, the state victims fate are decided by two religious leaders out of public sites. Anyone who stands up against Iranian state’s brutal policies is condemned to death by hanging.

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