Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Baluch are put into situation where there is no difference between life and death: Masood Sardarzahi

The Iranian Shiite regime hanged eleven young Baluch on Sunday 19/12/ 2010. These eleven young men were innocent; they were killed to revenge Chahbahar Mosque bombing. The Iranian regime is killing Baluch in order to satisfy its mobs.

The people of western Baluchistan historically belong to once was the tribal confederation of Baluchistan. Western Baluchistan historically is not part of Iran. The Iranian forces invaded Baluchistan in 1928.

The people of western Baluchistan are ethnically Baluch, religiously Sunni. Iran is Shiite majority state ruled according to Shiite (Fegheh) or on supreme Shiite religion leader wishes.

The religious minorities have some constitutional right in Shiite Iran, but Baluch and Sunni are not recognized as a minority group, therefore they have no legal rights. The Iranian regime has followed the policies to impose Shiite religion on Sunni and the Persian culture on Baluch.

The Iranian regime cannot tolerate any activity other than the state approved policies. The Sunni Baluch religious scholars have always stated that Baluch would not wave their religious autonomy under no circumstance whatever will be the consequences.

Baluch have an old saying; do not die in vain, resist the death, if not then face it with dignity.

There are non violence political parties in western Baluchistan. They have been struggling to convey the voice of voiceless Baluch to the international community that the Baluch in western Baluchistan are suffering from the systematic genocide by Iranian. The western states and the Unite Nation have deliberately ignored the Baluch people’s plea.

There are religious leaning Baluch political parties like Jundullah committed to religious cause and welling to scarify their wealth and life in order to protect their way of life, values and property. They are welling to use an extreme violence if necessary to protect, sustain and cherish their culture and religion in their historical homeland.

Iranian regime has been killing the Baluch since 1980 in the name of communist, nationalist, western agent, drug dealer and capitalists, and now it has reach to the last defense wall, religion. The Jundullah emerged as a political origination in 2005, and started arm struggle in 2007. Iranian never tolerated Baluch, non Shiite regardless of Jundullah, they never been short of justification to kill Baluch.

The Iranian regime hanged 40 young Baluch on cranes in the public square last month and has killed eleven innocent young men on Sunday 19/12/2010.

Is the Baluch life worth less than other human being? The entire world is concerned about Iranian nuclear bomb, why the world is not concerned about genocide in Baluchistan?

The two suicide Bombers in Chahbahar killed about 39 people. One do not wish to draw a paradox from the lost of human life as every life is valuable and has to be preserved, but Iranian regime has killed 51 people within one month or eleven people on a single day on the spot, on the same time because of their religion and ethnicity. Or there were in wrong place at the wrong time.

The state is the guardian of property and life. If the state fails to protect properties of individuals and preserve and sustain their way of life, it has no right to exist. The Baluch dignity, property and life are not safe under the Iranian regime. What Baluch should do under the circumstances, no one has an answer for it. The Baluch stand alone in the world.

If the American president and European Union had designed Iran as a terrorist state and condemned the hanging of 40 Baluch in the single month or eleven human beings on the single day in western Baluchistan, the Baluch had been in a situation where a young man has to kill himself.

I am not in favour of suicide attacks, there were never been a good justification for it. In my opinion people should not be into a situation where they cannot see a future for themselves. Baluch are put into situation where there is no difference between life and death. The Iranian regime is the accountable for the situation it has created in Baluchistan.

I deplore the squalor and neglect of Baluchistan. I deplore the discrimination to which the Baluch are subjected and alienation from their culture to which they are doomed in to poverty and ejected from the state high culture.

Masood Sardarzahi
Balochistan Liberation Organisation

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