Sunday, 19 December 2010

Crackdown against Baloch people by Iranian forces after Chabahar attack

Occupied Balochistan: The Iranian security forces have started a massive crackdown against Baloch people after the attack on Imam Hussain Masjid in port city of Chabahar in Iranian occupied Balochistan. Most of the raids have taken place in Chabahar, Kunarak, Naikshahr, Kasarkand, Sarbaaz, Iranshah and other surrounding areas. Dozens of innocent people have been arrested and shifted to unknown locations from these above mentioned cities.

The Iranian interior ministry has confirmed the arrest of 9 people only - saying that they have been arrested in connection with the blasts in Chabahar. The Iranian interior department claims that they have strong evidence of these men’s involvement in the blast.

On the other hand the local residents rejected the Iranian interior ministry’s claims saying that over 50 innocent people have been arrested so far and raids are still taking places in different places. Majority of the arrested are students.

Meanwhile the Iranian ambassador Mr Mashallah Shakeri met the Pakistani federal interior minister Rehman Malik and conveyed him a letter of the Iranian government. The letter requested Pakistan to help Iran in investigating the Chabahar blast.

Earlier this month the Iranian security forces had raided Balochistan University –Zahedan hostel and arrested five student activists. The raid took place following a demonstration to mark the ‘Students’ Day’ in Iran.

Those arrested were named in ‘May Makran’ Persian blog as Behnam Brahovi, Mosa Rahimi, Mehdiye Sarabondi and Sayad Ali Parsa. The five activists were taken to an undisclosed location in an unmarked white colour vehicle. A number of doors and windows were smashed during the raid which also generated fear amongst students.

The Baloch people and analysts fear that Iran will use the attack in Chabahar as an excuse to intensify its brutalities across Balochistan. It is feared that more innocent Baloch people will be arrested, tortured or even executed by Iran in coming days and months.

Courtesy: Dailytawar Balochistan & Baluchinews

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