Thursday, 18 March 2010

Majeed Baloch (junior) murdered by Pakistani security forces

Occupied Balochistan (Quetta): Majeed Baloch (junior) ‘brother of Sagaar-e-Baloch Amir Bux Langov and Shaheed Majeed Baloch senior’ was brutally murdered by Pakistan’s decadent security forces. According to details Pakistani FC and Para-military forces raided the house of Majeed Baloch (junior) in Wahdat Kaloni in Quetta today (17-03-2010) in apparent but failed attempt to arrest him. It must be noted that his two brothers have already been abducted by Pakistan’s military, perhaps which is why the young fearless son of Balochistan chose to fight rather than surrender.

The fighting broke out! It was one of the bravest sons of soil (Balochistan) against dozens of occupying soldiers of Pakistan. He fought courageously and forced the coward Pakistani forces to call for back up. During the battle he had sustained multiple injuries but refuse to give up until the last breath.

He was taken to BMC (Bolan Medical Complex) where the Pakistani Para-military surrounded his body and refused to hand it over the family of the deceased. The news of his murder spread across Quetta and elsewhere in Balcohistan and Baloch people especially the youth under the leadership of the respected mother of Mir Wadood Raisani reached at the BMC and took the body of young Baloch martyr in their custody. Later Majeed Baloch was buried in ‘graveyard of Baloch Martyrs’ in New Kahan Quetta, with great honour and national pride; the flag of Balochistan was wrapped around his coffin.

Tomorrow there will be a prayer ceremony at the grave of Shaheed Majeed (junior) all patriots Baloch are requested to join the prayer event to pay their last respects and tributes to one of the bravest son of soil. Also Baloch from all over world are requested to pray for the departed soul of their beloved brother.


  1. Pakistani forces can't suppress Baloch any more by their weapons. They don't care for any human rights and keep on killing Baloch civilians but Baloch nation will soon have their own independent state. Its ironic how Pakistani forces support and feed Taliban and religious extremeists and kill liberal and democratic Baloch and yet the international community continues supporting paki army.

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