Sunday, 21 March 2010

Some Pictures of Balochistan

Chahbar Beach

Chahbar-Free Zone

Dashtyari-Baloch shepherd

This is Jask a Baloch city of western Balochistan (Iranian occupied) which Iran has separated it from Balochistan and put it in the Hormozgan province. People live in here are Baloch and they are proud of themselves.

Kaserkand-Muchkadag mountain



Sarbaaz-Koh metagh

The most delicious date, which only grows in Balochistan


  1. are marri's maratha hindu slaves captured during ahmed shah durrani's battle of panipat?

  2. yes they are, marri bugti are real marathas, please read below post:

    We have already seen from the examples of the Ashraf's practices regarding marriage, or admittance to mystic brotherhoods, etc., the Ashraf also retained their own stereotypes and prejudices which cannot be traced solely to Hindu influence.

    But that is not the whole story. Even if the caste structure was largely a relic from the pre-Islamic past, new castes also sometimes came into existence. The Maratha Bugtis in Balochistan are an interesting case of what may be a caste forming even under Islamic rule. Theirs is a clan claiming descent from Marathas captives of war brought back by members of the Bugti tribe, who served the armies of Ahmad Shah Durrani (Abdali) after the fateful battle of Panipat.

    In time they underwent 'Bugti-ization'and became Muslims. Although for all practical purposes they may now be considered Bugtis, and are even in the forefront in education and employment, they were once considered little better than bonded labour. They could not own or buy land. Up to two generations ago they could be 'bought' for twenty or thirty rupees. Their women were fair game for Bugtis.

    The Maratha Bugtis took jobs as unskilled labourers, which their tribal overlords disdained. Over the years they have come to occupy higher positions, and their prosperity is resented by the Bugtis.30 It is interesting to note that this caste-like phenomenon has endured for more than two centuries, even in a region largely devoid of Hindus.

    The Maratha Bugtis were not alone in their position as a group living in the Islamic world, with their inferior position determined by heredity. The Haratin31 or Harratin of southwestern Morocco and Mauritania are "a socially and ethnically distinct class of workers". They are descended from slaves, but are now serfs, "without the privileges of freedom". (One of the people who is trying to help them to become independent is Abdel Nasser Ould Yessa, whose life and work is discussed at the following web site:

    Please return to hinduism, only religion without prophet,(Created by no man)