Tuesday, 13 October 2009

"Independent Balochistan"- a guarantee for logistic supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan (Council for Balochistan`s Independence)

Pakistani Military is the sole master and ruler of Pakistani State. They are the real masters to shape the internal and the foreign policy of the country and Pakistani Generals are the owners of the heavy/light business corporations of Pakistan. Pakistani Generals are the sole owners of the natural resources of Balochistan, Sindh and N.W.F.P.

It`s the shame for Pakistani military, who illigally occupied the private property of Bugti tribe. Now, Pakistani greedy forces own and guard all the private properties of Bugti family, after the martyr of Nawab Akber Khan Bugti.

The evil deeds of Pakistani Army has created a bad image among the citizens of Pakistan,in general and has created a mega hatred among the citizens of Balochistan, Sindh and N.W.F.P.

Pakistani Military is immune to voilate the Human Rights in Balochistan.Untill now, they are arresting, kidnaping, and killing the Baloch civilians and, even, are deporting Balochs to Irani slaughter-houses. those who visited their relatives in the summer vacations.

The recent case is Mr. Ahsan Arjmandi, a Norweign Baloch was arrested in Balochistan during his summer vacation and then extradited to Iran. On the other hand, Mr. Ghazali, a citizen of Sweden, who was released from Guantanamo Base, was arrested in Pakistan but was extradited to Sweden !! The Civilian Governments, Central or Provincial, are the puppets of Pakistani Military and a source to get blank-cheques, modern weapons, military technology from United States to bleed Balochs and Allied forces in Afghanistan.

To continue their lucrative business, Pakistani Military and their strong wing ISI, even targets, mercilessly, Pashtuns in Afghanistan and in N.W.F.P. by huge explosive devices, with their intention to turn the "Pashtun anger" against the Coalition forces both in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Afghan war is a lucrative business for Pakistani military to smuggle narcotics, proliferate nuclear technology, and on the pretex to carry "the war on terror" ....to punish the ethnic groups like: Baluchs, Pashtun and Sindhis, to loot the rich mineral resources of Baluchistan & Sindh.

Non-security Forces to Pakistanis, try to prolong the war in Afghanistan, with their vision to benefit, more, from the Afghan war i.e. get huge aid from United States to double the bank balances of Pakistani Generals, to sustain a big Army and other Jehadi forces, to promote their business of killing in their neighbouring countris.

To acheive their goals, Pakistan is playing the double-game, as usual, and have not abandoned their policy of "depth stratagic policy" in Afghanistan and has not taken their hands-off from the "forcible NATO exit strategy " from Afghanistan.

Pakistani Army is following the tactic to prolong the war in Afghanistan to damage the treasury of United States

It`s obvious that Intelligence Agencies of Pakistan (ISI) are well aware that the more Afghan war draws longer, the more public opinion shall be against Coalition forces in Afghanistan and potentially the consensus to withdraw NATO forces from Afghanistan shall be increased.

It`s therefore that slow motion of genocide of Pashtuns and other ethnic groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan is taking place.

Pakistani Army, through their proxies - Afghan Taliban - are chasing the NATO forces and bleeding them like a clever hunters, as the prey becomes tired and surrenders, at last.

The long war in Afghanistan shall help to boost the hidden Agenda of Talibans ( Pakistani Military ) to conquer Afghanistan but the story shall not end here in Afghanistan. The next Talibani struggle shall, surely, be extended to Central Asia, Middle-east and probably, as they dream, to establish Khilafat in the whole world.

Only an "Independent Balochistan" can stop the future threat of Pakistani Military (Talibans/quida) in this part of the world. Balochistan(Toran/sistan ) played a "balance of power" among Iran, Afghanistan and India for the last hundreds of years.
It`s crystal clear that, in the foreseeble future, Pakistani Military (Talibans/al-quida) shall try to stop the logistic supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan in their final round of attacks on Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan.

To rescue Nato/ISAF forces in Afghanistan from such catastrophic phenomenom, it`s utmost important to get the help, assistance and guidence of Baluchs to continue the flow of logistic supplies for NATO forces in Kandahar (Afghanistan) via Gawader Port of Balochistan. Bold & wise steps to be taken to train and arm ....Nationalist Baluchs & Pashtuns,and not Frontier Constabiliry (FC), who are the foot soldiers of Pakistani Army and above of all, the proven B-team of Talibans !!!

An urgent, flexible and a May-day call requires to rescue NATO forces in Afghanistan by declaring Balochistan as an Sovereign State on the map of the world.

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  1. It is just matter of time...they are on schedule.....mark the year 2012 in your calendar!
    The US plans are:
    1- Secure Afghanistan
    2- Secure Pakistani nukes
    3- Back the Balochistan freedom movement
    4- Squeeze Iran and China
    5- Negotiate with Russia
    6- Control central Asian wealth
    7- Game is over
    But one thing would come out of all this - a free Balochistan. Baloch people would be free of slavery of a slave.