Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Terrifying blast in western Balochistan: a reaction of an inhuman act

In western Balochistan a few days ago a terrifying blast and its result was many high ranking Iranian authorities and pro Tehran Baloch delegations that were vanished. Such big terrible events have once again raised many questions in the region. While the Baloch and Balochistan have gotten international attention and have become a subject of discussion. As usual and expected Pakistan is linking Malik Reki as fellow of Taliban and labeling his struggle as one of religion and extremism?

For quite a few days many newspapers and Media pundits have tried to show Baloch are religious and fanatics. Fortunately Baloch nation is lucky that due to lack of their knowledge and strength in argument that failed to leave any impression. From Balochistan, a senior lawyer, in his interview with international media stated that Malik Reki suicide attacks are similar to Betullah Meshood, according to his believe his followers are taking the same training and vice versa.

The matter of the fact is when human beings face starvation he may use any language any where around the world to ask for food (to fill his starving stomach). Similarly, wherever injustice has occurred then the response will be hate. The reason and method of that hate will be different but their goal remains the same. How to get out from grinding injustice and struggles, who abolished their oppressor.

The Baloch matter is similar to those situations and as powerless. They are ready to sacrifice their everything for the sake of freedom. So slavery and a disgraceful life should not be transfer to the next generation.

In both sides of the border Baloch have been facing a very powerful enemy in such a scenario their main mission is to have less loss and let their enemy to suffer more. If Baloch was confronting an enemy which has little humanity, where Baloch could be able to struggle through democratic means to achieve his rights, if they expected any positive outcome then Baloch could not be forced to attack in such suicide manners nor (today) Baloch carry gun in their hand.

The whole world strongly condemned such attacks and Baloch also do not support such acts, but they do deserve a right to ask a few questions. From five years till now Iran has approximately executed or murdered 721 Baloch. This includes a well known Sunni scholar but the world could have the courage or could have tried to stop Tehran’s hand?

Along with the Baloch are other nations, they are victims of state’s worst terrorism (in Iran). Why is the world incapable of helping them? If the world condemned such suicide attacks, then they should be capable of stopping that. No state should take another nation’s thousand years of old history, their homeland, and their identity. Either they should convince other nations to believe that without taking the gun nor sacrificing their (precious) lives they still can achieve their justice.

Before we take the discussion further we should make it clear to Iranian and Pakistani authorities. The allegations from Iran that Pakistani agencies are involved in supporting Baloch whom are making situations bad inside Iran; this is nothing but a joke. Whatever the Baloch nation has chosen the path it is from them. While this is the fact that Pakistan and Iran secret agencies always cooperative with each other, Baloch have known their secret since long time ago. Because independence of Eastern or Western Balochistan will directly affect each other, that is the main point where Tehran and Islamabad are both doubtful of each other yet it is nothing but making a fool of Baloch.

Similarly, Iran was previously blaming UK and the United States for interfering in its internal affairs. For Tehran, if rulers believe in justice they should look at Chahbahar and Bander Abbas Baloch coastal belts where Baloch used to have complete autonomy. Today, their population is from two percent to five percent labor force. Look at it very carefully, and see their opportunity of education. Are Baloch studying their history? Are Baloch and other nations (beside Persians) having an opportunity of promoting their own mother language? In short, Baloch are the owners of the most precious land in Iran, then why is the Baloch nation being compared to others who are also oppressed, yet Baloch are more oppressed and forced to be backward than other oppressed groups.

Although, Malik Reki movement started as Jundullah, with the religious name but it is a pure national movement. While in Iran from Shah to Mullahs, all are prohibiting the political activities and leaving people far away from political awareness. In such a society where lack of education exists in a nation, that nation is suffering economically and other nations are being suppressed. Then their political slogan and struggle to achieve their national rights are not only going to be difficult but may be impossible. That is the main reason Malik Reki based of Sunni population, against prohibitions of Sunni religious practice, and fighting against the innocent and well known Baloch Sunni scholar’s murder. This voice is the foundation of his movement, particularly in Iranian regime situation; there is no better practical strategy for Baloch to fight against the enemy with the same weapons.

In Iran, throat of democracy is suffocated by Islamic system. In a state where inhuman and uncivilized way of decisions is being made inside the mosque, the mosque has become substitute of political institutions. Where some one having a different point of view will be labeled as an agent of the United States or other countries. Then they will simply be executed. Where rallies and demonstrations are prohibited, where people having no other place except the mosque, where people gather for prayers then get an opportunity to share their views. Even though, Baloch are abandoned even from the mosque because they are Sunni.

In Iran all other nations are victims of oppression. In the name of justice, justice itself is being murdered; the more to write about that it seems it’s still not enough. Where other nations are left alone and they face death, international powers are just being expatiator that is by all means condemnable.

In Iran, Baloch and other nations are today facing state terrorism. The fanatic and religious hates are further being painful and it is taking dangerous shape. Where Shia rulers are radical and oppressive, therefore Baloch nations and others are forced to think about their land which Tehran digested; there language is powerless due to dominated Persians. Their culture and customs are going down and being forced to change with in unnatural nation of Persians.

In Iranian ruler considers religion as their identity while they have reached a stage of a mentality that their religion is being attacked, Tehran will see it will be the last nail hitting in the forehead. Therefore, through religious ideology people can open a path for struggle to save their land, language, culture and customs.

From our point of view whoever considers Abdul Malik Reki’s struggle as a fanatic one he may have a problem and could be an enemy of Baloch by linking Abdul Malik Reki with Taliban and Al Qaeda. This will be obstacle of gaining international support for Baloch National Movement. While Pakistani and Iranian authorities are busy in propaganda against the Baloch, at he same time they are hiding their own sins. They are making it harder for Baloch while Baloch themselves are trying to have an affect on media.

Despite all this Baloch are successfully letting the world know they are peaceful and a civilized nation regardless of being weak and they are still struggling against such fanatic Iranian regimes and Pakistan. Such states who are betraying the United States and the rest of the world. Baloch are fighting for their survival after the enormous sacrifices, their struggle has reached the decisive stage. Therefore, international powers should see Baloch national problems thoroughly and seriously. Their struggle which is going on for their independence of Balochistan. If international powers fail to resolve Baloch problems according to the Baloch interest then the near future situations will not be in control by anyone in the region. Baloch want to live freely and he is ready to die, who are not familiar with the Baloch psychic should be reminded, Baloch psychology rests in this proverb “In a coward and brave death there is one difference. Brave died with dignity once and cowards every day because of fear hundreds time dies.” So, Baloch will fight for his survival with in a dignifying way.

By not allowing the whole region to be slaughter ground international powers must think and make it possible to resolve the Baloch land issue - unnatural divisions among Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Through that strategy the lawlessness in Iran will end and in Pakistan Baloch will be rid of state terrorism. If the international powers cannot do this those whose innocent loved ones were murdered they will take personal revenge to those states. Whatever method they think will be appropriate they will adopt. They may not adopt (the strategy) what the international powers are going to call good or bad. When they feel they are alone and helpless then they will be forced to think otherwise. If the world body is unable to play a positive role then individuals do not consider it to be accountable of any rules. Through, their personal revenge a whole nation or their freedom struggle should not be labeled terrorist; that would not be fear.

In conclusion, Baloch and Balochistan’s problem has taken serious shape, by only looking at that serious problem on the surface it will cause serious consequences in that region. So, the international powers should not look at Baluchistan’s situation according to Pakistan and Iranian eyes because they are the foe of Baloch, till now the world body is making decisions according to their (Iran, Pakistan) base of provided information. Obliviously, their information are misguided and one sided one.

By Hafeez.H.A - Translated by Balochhomeland

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