Thursday, 22 October 2009

Pakistan: general Amnesty to Baloch

By Gedrozia Baloch (October 20,2009) Islamabad few weeks ago announced through the media that it is willing to offer a general amnesty to exiled Baloch political leaders, activists, prisoners and those who engaged in hostile activities against the state. And Pakistan occupying forces will agree to stop further expansion of its military camps in Balochistan.

In reality there is no such visible sign of amnesty across Balochistan. Baloch activists and students are still being arrested and they have been disappearing, so Islamabad offer of general amnesty towards the Baloch has remain murky nor their promises and offers can claim any weight.

Baloch tested and has gone through false promises in the past but their suffering, deprivation, exploitation of their resources has continued; Majority of Baloch nation feel they are being treated as slaves in their own home land since March, 1948 forceful occupations of Balochistan .

The main reason is in the past similar sort of general amnesty was given by Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, Mr. Tikka Khan, to Nawab Noruz Khan’s and his fellows, by declaring a cease-fire after taking an oath on Quran’s to trust their offer and by agreeing to resolve Balochistan dispute through dialogue. But at the end that trust and agreement with peaceful negotiations first began with arrests then executions by those who had taken the oath of Quran this was nothing but a deception and betrayal from the state towards Baloch leaders.

Therefore, such amnesty by Islamabad means to show the international community that they are willing to resolve the Baluchistan’s crisis, their remorseful, injustices, suffering and decades of exploitations of their rich resources.

While the loyal Baloch exiled leaders, activist, students, writers and generalist through their rallies, seminars, speeches, writing and websites have been exposing Pakistan’s true face to the international community because of that Baloch nation is gaining moral support from the international community.

Pakistan can not hide its barbaric and inhuman treatment against Baloch on the other hand state has been facing fierce resistance from Baloch freedom fighters whom are struggling to regain their independence.

In such a time Pakistan’s general amnesty carries no weight while military operations keep going on and Baloch activists and students are still being arrested and keep disappearanceing due to that Baloch’s fully vigilante about their prominent leaderships and freedom fighters sacrifices for their home land.

As the ancient wisdom says, the wise man does not fall in the same hole twice;therefore, majority of the Baloch nation can not buy such repeated false promises of general amnesty because they have learned from this despicable state through previous deceptions and repeated betrayals.

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