Thursday, 15 July 2010

Baloch Community London Press Release

London: The Baluch Community in London have termed the killing of Habib Jalib Baluch a heinous crime by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and an irreplaceable loss for Baluch Nation. The BCL said that Pakistani military and ISI in order to cover up their failure are resorting to target killings of Baluch political activists and leaders. They asked the Baluch leadership and Baluch political parties to unite against inhuman crimes of Pakistani intelligence agencies. The so called Dafayee Tanzeem is none but the Pakistani intelligence agencies and the FC.

Today they killed Habib Jalib Baluch, tomorrow they could target other Baluch leader, that is why the unity of Baluch political parties is very important at this critical juncture of Baluch liberation movement. Freedom is Baluch peoples’ democratic and human right; there is no reason why Baluch people should not ask for Independence. Baluch parties and leadership should not shy away from uttering the word INDEPENDENCE because it not a crime to demand freedom. In case of Baluchistan it was sovereign and Independent state which was illegally and forcefully occupied. Baluch struggle against the illegal occupation of their land is justified and in accordance with International laws.

The BCL has urged the UN, EU and other International democracies to take notice of Pakistan’s and Iran’s atrocities against Baluch people. The UN must take urgent notice of the target killing of Baluch leaders, the forced-disappearance of Baluch political activists, students, lawyers and doctors at the hand of Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Baluch Community London has already announced to hold the annual memorial day of Baluch Martyrs and victims of states’ violence on 18 July 2010. They once again requested Baluch friend living in United Kingdom and Europe to join this memorial event. It the responsibility of every Baluch to remember and pay homages to those Baluch brave men, women and children who sacrificed their lives for a free, peaceful and united Baluchistan, that is why Baluch from all over the world should observe the “National Remembrance Day of Baluch Martyrs and Victims of State Violence” annually, to show their solidarity with the families of Baluch martyrs and other victims of state violence that they are not alone and we “the Baluch Diaspora” will stand by them at difficult times.

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