Saturday, 31 July 2010

Family to block Quetta-Karachi highway against non-recovery of Shams Baluch

He was abducted by the intelligence agencies while taking his 80 year old mother to Quetta for treatment; Baluch parties should join the protest campaign: Wife of Shams Baluch

Occupied Balochistan: The family of ex-district Nazim (Council) has warned that if he has not been released today then the Quetta-Karachi high way will be blocked for an indefinite period. The family made this announcement during a press conference at Quetta Press Club here on Friday. The wife of Shams Baluch has said that her husband was abducted on his way to Hospital to Quetta while he was taking his 80 year old mother for treatment.

He was traveling in an official ambulance along with other members of family on 1st July 2010 when they reached at Main Ghundi police check post; they (police) signaled the ambulance to stop for routine check up. The security forces personnel had asked Shams Baluch to alight the vehicle; as soon as Shams Baluch step out of the Ambulance four men wearing civilian clothes knocked him on the ground and started to beat him with the butts of guns. After a while of beating up he was dragged and put to a private car and driven away.

She appealed to the chief justice of Pakistan and the members of civil society to help the family in their battle for justice and to make sure that Shams Baluch regains his liberty as soon as possible.

She said after the abduction of Shams Baluch his mother’s health condition has deteriorated and she keeps on asking about her son’s whereabouts. “ We always try to give her false hope that Shams will be back soon but in reality we do not know anything about Shams’s whereabouts and conditions”.

The recovery of the bodies of Baluch prisoner have raised our concerns about Qadeer Baluch: Sister


The state [Pakistan] has started to kill Baluch prisoners to cover it failure to stop the struggle of Baluch youth. If brother is not released soon, we’ll announce scheduled protest and demonstrations

Khuzdar: The sister of Abdul Kabeer Baloch while expressing her concerns about her missing brother said that the recent cold-blooded murder and recovery of the bodies of disappeared Baloch political prisoners has flared concern of family about the well-being of Abdul Kabeer Baloch. “We are concern for my Brother Abdul kabeer Baloch’s condition and well-being after the recovery of the bodies of four disappeared Baluch political activists”.

She said that the defeated forces of state are gifting the families of Baluch forced-disappeared activist with the bodies of their loved ones. “We suspect that my brother Qadeer Baluch might suffer the same fate as many others. If my brother is not released immediately, we’ll announce schedule protests and demonstrations”. She said the families of Abdul Qadeer Baluch and other Baluch political activists desperately waiting for their loved ones to return home and reunite with them.

She appeal to human rights organisations, UN and chief justice of Supreme Court to play their role for the recovery her brother and other forced-disappeared Baluch political activists.

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