Saturday, 24 July 2010

BPRM Announcement

BPRM declares Mr Abddul Rauf Rigi as spokesman for the party

The Baluch People Resistance Movement (BPRM)of west Baluchistan (Iranian occupied) announced new spokesmen for the party. In a letter dispatched to the Public Relations department of BPRM, Mr Muhammad Zaher Balouch, the leader of BPRM appointed Mr Abdol Rauf Rigi, as spokesman of the BPRM.

Text of the letter:

In the name of Allah

Now that the activities of BPRM is steeply progressing and widening in all aspects, some organizational changes in political, military and security arenas seemed necessary.

In this regard besides appreciating the tireless efforts of other members, Mr Abdul Rauf who has a good hand in the area of politics and diplomacy, and is also committed to the mission of the BPRM, is appointed as official spokesman for the party with effect from July 20, 2010.

I hope that he in the light of previous experience and efforts and above all relying on the Almighty would perform his duty and responsibility as best as possible.

Wish him success in his responsibility and life.

Muhammad Zaher Balouch

Secretary General
Baluch People Resistance Movement

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