Saturday, 24 July 2010

Despite repeated appeals no positive response form Baloch Community abroad: Sister of Zakir Majeed

Occupied Balochistan: The agonised sister and family of Zakir Majeed Baloch and other forced disappeared Baluch activists have once again expressed their disappointment for the lack of practical work of Baloch community abroad. On 71 day of the family’s consistent protest she said that despite the continuous protests and appeals it seems that her requests were falling into deaf ears. She said that Human Rights Organisations has not taken any notice of the hunger strike protests of the families of Baluch forced disappeared activists. She charged that National and International Human Rights were also ignoring her appeal just like the Pakistani judiciary, media and other state apparatus.

She also seems disappointed from her fellow Baluch brothers and sister, according to her “despite repeated appeals to establish protest camps in their areas for the recovery of Baluch disappeared activists, regrettably, so far there has been no positive response from the Baloch Nation in Balochistan and Baloch community abroad”. She appealed to Baluch brothers and sisters once again to organise protest demonstrations and hunger strike in the countries and areas where they live. She also repeated her appeal to the International Human Rights Organisations to take notice of forced-disappearance in Balochistan.

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