Saturday, 31 July 2010

Intelligence agencies are paving way to kill Zakir Majeed: Noora Baluch

Occupied Baluchistan: The president of BSO-azaad Lahore zone has alleged that Pakistani intelligence agencies are planning to kill Zakir Majeed Baluch, the central vice chairman of BSO-azaad, in their custody. Noora Baluch was abducted from Kings Adward Medical University Lahore city; reportedly he has been severely tortured by his captors.

Narrating his ordeal Noora Baluch said that few days back a convoy of three cars entered his University in Lahore and kidnapped him. He blamed the intelligence agencies of inflicting inhuman torture on him. He said that the Pakistani security agencies have tried to coerce him to address a press conference and say on media that Zakir Majeed Baluch was not in the custody of intelligence agencies but he was training in mountains. He further said press release prepared by the intelligence agencies contained lots of baseless allegations against Zakir Majeed Baluch, who was abducted on 8 June 2009 from Mastung Baluchistan. He alleged that on refusal to read the security forces prepared press statement he was severely beaten up and they (Pakistani forces) burnt several sensitive parts of his body with red-hot irons. “If you do not address the press conference against Zakir Majeed Baluch, we will pull your teeth out, kill you and dump you in a deserted area – just like the recent bodies which were found in Quetta”, added Noora Baluch.

He appealed the International Human Rights Organisations and especially the UN to take notice of the abduction of Zakir Majeed and thousands of other forced-disappeared Baluch activists.

Meanwhile the protest camp (established by family) for the recovery of Zakir Majeed Baluch has entered 79th day, several people from different walks of life and backgrounds visited the camp to show their solidarity with the agonised family of Zakir Majeed Baluch.

Interacting to the visitors the family of Zakir Majeed Baluch said that forced-disappearances are still taking place in Baluchistan, and instead of recovering the missing Baluch activists their bullet riddled bodies are being found. They appealed the UN and EU (United Nations and European Union) to take action against illegal abduction and the recent cold-blooded murder of Baluch activists.
The sister of Zakir Majeed Baluch said that after founding the dead bodies of four disappeared Baluch youth the families of Baluch forced-disappeared activists must take practical steps for the safe recovery of their loved ones; they must set up protest camps and take out rallies.

The judiciary and all other department in Pakistan are powerless they cannot do anything against the intelligence agencies. They cannot see the bullet-riddled bodies of Baluch youth which were found in Quetta and they cannot hear the cries of the families of 8,000 forcefully disappeared Baluch activists. Zakir Majeed sister has appealed the International Human Rights Organisations and the Baluch Diaspora to raise their voice against the ongoing human rights violations in Baluchistan, and take practical steps for early and safe recovery beloved sons, brothers and fathers of 8,000 agonised Baluch families.

Please sign the petition in support of Zakir Majeed Baluch

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