Friday, 30 July 2010

Baluch National struggle is not dependent on individuals or foreign help: Hyrbyair Marri

London: “Baluch Nation is a live Nation and they are capable of supporting the Baluch National Struggle, to defend themselves Baluch do not depend on foreign help”.

Baluch leader Hyrbyair Marri has expressed these views while speaking to friends of Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri from London. He further said that the main objective of his struggle was Baloch National Liberation. On International level we struggling in accordance with the UN and Geneva conventions and Baluch youth have given us this mandate which is an honour [National responsibility] for me. The Baluch enemy are against my ideology (working for freedom of Baluchistan) and they are making so many failed attempts to suppress the Baluch voice on International level.

He said that in late 2007 he was arrested in London because of his work for Baluch National freedom and there were several allegations against him, despite of checking all my personal bank accounts, contact numbers, and even spending a huge amount to build a case against me both the Pakistani and British government have failed to bring a single shred of proof against me; All the accusation against me had died their on death (were proven wrong) during the trail.

As for the question of Baluch struggle's financial support, thanks GOD Baluch are a live Nation and they are capable of supporting the Baluch national liberation struggle to defend themselves. They (Baloch) do not depend on individuals or foreign help. “I don't have enough personal wealth, if I had any I would have spent that on Baloch Nation's betterment; I am ready to give any sort of sacrifice for Baloch Nation because I want to see Baloch Nation as free and prosperous”, said Hyrbyair Marri. The allegations of enemy state (Pakistan) are of no importance to me and I don't feel the need to answer their allegations.

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