Saturday, 24 July 2010

We’ll even welcome civil war for National liberation: BLF

Occupied Balochistan: A spokesperson of Baloch Liberation Front, Doda Baloch, has accepted the responsibility for a grenade attack at Baghbana police station on Thursday. Speaking to media men via satellite phone Doda Baloch further said that he wanted to make it clear to Baloch Nation and to the world that Baloch resistance organisations are unified and they are fighting a common cause under joint command and these organisations Baloch national assets. Nobody/group (in Balochistan or outside Balochistan would) be allowed to conspire against Baloch national struggle for freedom. Any individuals or groups, who try to spread confusion against the liberation struggle, will be considered as enemies of Baluchistan and the bargainers of the blood (sacrifices) of Baloch Martyrs. He warned that such collaborators should mince their ways else they will not be forgiven.

“We want to tell the Punjabi agents and their masters (Pakistan) that thousand of Baluch youth have sacrificed their lives for National liberation; if anyone is trying to spread fear in the name of civil war then we are ready to sacrifice thousands more lives to defend our mother land and we even welcome civil war for Baluchistan's Independence”.

The spokesperson of BLF said that they will not pardon the collaborators of the state, national traitors and the drug mafia who are busy plotting against Baluchistan. He also made it clear that even if any black sheep is found among the Baluch resisting group they will not be spared for betraying the national cause. “We want to make it crystal clear that there is no room for traitors on Baluch land” declared the BLF spokesperson.

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