Thursday, 29 July 2010

BSO Azaad’s Seminar: Hiarbeyar Marri’s Message

Dear Friends of BSO-Azaad and other fellow Baluch,

I hope you have a successful meeting. In my opinion the Baluch National Struggle is gaining momentum because of devoted youth like you and the Baluch Sarmachaars. I am confident that the Baluch struggle for their legitimate right to freedom will continue until we reach to our destination. However, we have to work harder to spread more awareness among our people ‘to teach them the importance of liberation’.

Baluch youth from BSO’s platform have given numerous sacrifices and produced several ideological leaders. Unfortunately, today BSO is confuse and divided by these parliamentarians for their own gains. Pro-Pakistan leaders are using BSO as their fuel to continue their commercial politics. The Baluch youth under BSO’s banner should work independently instead of taking dictation from any political parties. Beside National awareness about liberation the Baluch students’ first and foremost interest should be knowledge and education and to share that knowledge with other fellow Baluch.

Baluch women’s role in today’s liberation struggle is plausible and the enemy is very fearful of the significance of Baluch women’s political awareness. We need to give priority to the sacrifices made by Baluch mothers and sisters. Several Baluch women have been killed during Pakistani military’s aerial bombardment or have become victims of Pakistani security forces dreadful acts. Baluch youth sacrificed their lives while fighting the enemy forces but our women were killed in indiscriminate bombardment on our villages and towns, they are also martyrs of struggle for freedom.

Many friends talk of unity, I also believe we must unite but we need to differentiate between pro-Pakistan and Pro-Independence forces and we need to decide which side we take. We must take a clear stand instead of sailing in two boats. Unity is need of hour and important but on principles and ideological basis.

We must not forget those who have been abducted only for demanding freedom; they are the heroes of Nation. We should be proud of such brave youth and honour their sacrifices. Our students, doctors, engineers and other political activists are being severely tortured at the hand of occupying forces.

I sympathise with the families of the forced-disappeared Baluch and want to assure them that we are doing what we can to raise the issue of forced disappearances in Baluchistan. Whenever I talk with the representatives of International Human Rights Organisations my first questions to them are what have they done for the Baluch abducted political prisoners? What have they done for the forced-displaced Baluch? On their part I have never been provided a reasonable answer so far.

At present the response of the International Community and International Human Rights Organisations to the atrocities in Baluchistan is not satisfactory, but we are trying to convince the international community to recognise our legitimate struggle against the illegitimate occupation of our land. Our struggle is for Independence and restoration of our sovereignty only. Our struggle is not a movement of separation but it is against the occupation of our Independent state which was occupied at gunpoint by Pakistan in 1948.

International political scenario are changing and the changes are going in our favour; the West and Europe are releasing that Baluch are the only secular Nation who can help maintain peace in the region. They are already unfriendly with Iran but now they are also starting to question the sincerity of Pakistan’s cooperation in the so called war on terror.

One of the fears the International Community is Pakistani’s nuclear bombs because they are a danger to the entire world. As we are observing that religious fundamentalism is on the raise in Pakistan. It is becoming obvious that they will sooner or later take control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and there is no guarantee that, they will not use these weapons against West and other States that they consider as the enemies to their fundamentalist ideology.

There are people within Pakistan Army and Intelligence agencies who are very sympathetic to the religious extremists. Hence, The International Community and the Human Rights Organisations, who are demanding the disarmament of nuclear proliferation, should emphasize and focus on Pakistan’s nuclear arms as well because there is a high possibility that these arms will fall into wrong hands. If we unite and make the International Community believe that we can run our own affairs then I think they day is not far when the International Community even without our repeated requests will intervene in Baluchistan

My message to Baloch Nation is that we should unite on the single agenda of Independence. Freedom is our fundamental right; united we can regain our sovereignty and live with pride dignity as a free Nation once again.

Baluchistan Sabz baat o Baloch Raaj Zindag baat!

Thank you!

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