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Balochistan: Not an Internal Matter [II]

By: Diagoh Murad

This is continued part of Balochistan: Not an Internal matter [I] which was written on 04 July 2010, the course was left unrevised with minimal points so in this part all the points are discussed as why the world should see Balochistan in different view rather then terming it as Pakistan's Internal matter

Pakistan as many internal problems relating to these which are social, economical and political the leadership of Pakistan describes them as foreign created or foreign manufactured to destroy the Pakistani identity, The main rival of Pakistan or the arch enemy from its birth as always been its target over these issue. Pakistan diplomatic approach to the Kashmir issue (where Kashmir is an internal matter of India) was always seen in a suspicious way because of its involvement in deadliest attack on Indian soil thus negotiation dialogues were nullified by the Indian leadership.

Instigated Allegations on India:

The mention of Balochistan in the joint session of Indo-Pak in the city of Sharm-Al Shaikh was due to this part that India has a big hand in the uprising in Balochistan whereas India has overall rejected such allegations as baseless, Now on the terms relating Baloch Genocide being an internal matter of Pakistan, how Pakistani leadership has accused India being involved directly in the Balochistan uprising whereas all the nationalist of Balochistan rejected any such claims, it is not the first time baloch nation suffered the indigenous approach of a military operation over them, in the past history of Baloch nation many such operations took place over them in which thousands of innocent baloch lives were taken by the ignorant Pakistani leaders, the most brutal one was in the days of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto where 5000 Baloch people were sacrificed with the help of Iranian Shah regime to suppress the Baloch exclamation of rights as Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was aided by Shah of Iran, neither India nor the neighboring countries or the UN or EU conversed or condemned these actions of Pakistan and Irani operations over Baloch nation.

Prime minister Gillani in his many times speech always expressed his heartfelt apologies to Baloch nation and promised to solve the Baloch grieving but his meeting in Sharm-Alshaikh proved his sincerity with the state apparatus mainly the Pakistani Military, as he called the Uprising of Balochistan as being totally foreign supported, while he blinded the whole world about the misuse of Baloch rights by Pakistan from its birth, Such leadership of Pakistan has always called Baloch nation as traitors and atheist (Kafir) due to which Baloch nation suffered the extra judicial operations over them time by time whenever they protested the military actions.

The accusations of Pakistan over Baloch issue being funded by foreign agents was to hide their shame because they knew very well that it was there fault that such actions of rebellion with this obnoxious state were chosen by Baloch nationalist. The genocide of a nation should not be considered as a state's matter but a matter of Humanitarian concern because those who are being tortured are not the one terrorizing but are protecting what they call as their national identity. If Pakistan can internationalize the Baloch issue in Sharm-Al Shaikh with India then the international power should investigate the involvement of Indian hand in baloch uprising by sending a fact finding mission in the devastated regions of Balochistan and find out themselves what Pakistan says its true or the allegations instigated by Pakistan are to curtain their wrongdoings in Balochistan because that is how all the foreign aid can be caught red handed and also the missing persons case should be taken as maybe India is involved over the abduction of Baloch political workers.

These issues discussed in Sharm-Al Shaikh should be handed over to UN for further investigations over the alleged involvement of India in the Balochistan uprising and the abduction of missing persons, let the proof come to the face of the world about whose the evil, Pakistan has nothing to fear because that's what the Interior minister Rehman Malik said that "Indian intelligence agencies were running training camps in Afghanistan to foment unrest in Balochistan", so UN should form a fact finding mission and India should also send its team for finding out who is responsible for all this unrest in Balochistan, Is it Baloch nation themselves fighting the occupation of Pakistan? Or is it India helping Baloch nation to destabilize Pakistan? These allegations can only be confirmed if Pakistan handover that entire dossier which Prime Minister Gillani has shown to Manmohan Singh in his visit to Sharm Al Shaikh.

Formation of Packages and Committees:

The formation of Aghaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan along with Benazir Bhutto income support, organizing of Friends of Baloch and Balochistan and the 18th amendment bill for the constitution of Pakistan all were articulated as being a new sign and symbol for depleting the baloch grieving but since the birth of this Aghaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan nothing has changed the ground level of baloch grieving, 8 months and still counting this package didn't proved its credibility among baloch nation, The package administrator Raza Rabbani stated that all the resentment of Baloch nation will be clear once the package reach the Balochistan assembly but it has been 8 months and not even a single clause of this package has been implemented on the Baloch society.

One such clause of the package was related to missing person stated "Missing persons to be identified, with release of those against whom there are no charge and trial of others before a competent court." But to this day no such release of those who were innocent reached the competent court yet the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Gillani screams over Balochistan issue as being totally Internal. From its formation till its demise by the Baloch leaders hand not even a single case of abduction was brought in the court where the judiciary found the ISI, MI or FC guilty, even a few days back the Spokesman of the supreme court of Pakistan stated that "Supreme court cannot order the release of those missing, we can only appeal to those responsible", Thus showing their ineffectuality over this grave issue.

The Organizing of Friends of Baloch & Balochistan in this crucial time was not needed as it seems that today all the federal parties are keen to solve this issue which according to them is an internal problem and consider baloch as their long lost brother, How long lost it is a question still to be resolved. 63 years has passed since Baloch nation were annexed with this federating Islamic unit and never in those years Baloch were described as the long lost brother of Punjab, Baloch nation never claimed their authority over Pakistan but they always wanted those occupiers to understand Balochistan as the land belong to Baloch nation. Such organization like the Friends of Baloch & Balochistan cannot put forward and resolve the grieving while the plan set in motion by this obnoxious state claiming the land of Balochistan as an integral part of Pakistan commenced by military might over the populace of this misfortunate land.

One such quote from Selig S Harrison will include all the reason as to why Pakistan consider Balochistan as an integral part of Pakistan, according to his book "Afghanistan Shadow's" he stated that "If it were not for the strategic location of Balochistan and the rich potential of Oil, Uranium and other resources, it would be difficult to imagine anyone fighting over this bleak, desolate and forbidding land."

Visa Refused to Asian Federation:

Latest news which circulated in the media was of an Asian Federation visas refused by the Pakistani authorities, Mary Aileen D. Bacalso secretary-general of AFAD (Asian Federation against Involuntary Disappearances) stated that "We have time and again applied for visas, but our applications were refused on one ground or another," such reaction can only be taken as a big NO to those international organization who try to intervene the operation conducted by Pakistani military in the civil society of baloch nation, The NO-GO areas declared by Pakistan are those where chemical bombs or other devastative weapons were used by Pakistani military against the baloch population, not even the UNHCR was allowed to help the IDBPS (Internally Displaced Baloch Population) which led the Baloch resistance forces to abduct the head of UNHCR Mr. John Solecki but later was released on humanitarian ground but even after his release the Baloch (The Secular minded nation) suffered more pressure from this obnoxious state, which resulted in the abduction and later murdering of the leaders who played a key role in the release of Mr John Solecki.

The repudiating visas for the Asian Federation shows that Pakistan doesn't want the international organization to conduct any such experiment or investigations in the far stretch devastated regions of Balochistan where gross human rights violation took Place. The Asian Federation or the AFAD truly at somewhat extent wanted to find out about all those missing persons who were abducted by the secret agencies of this obnoxious state, as to what led this disaster of human rights to take place where more then 8000 baloch activists were abducted and not even a single case of missing was brought in the light of judiciary. According to the article of Ahmar Masti Khan of AFB (American Friends of Balochistan) he stated that "Balochistan-based influential Anjuman Ittehad Marri has released a list of more than 1,000 victims of enforced and involuntary disappearances and Baloch nationalists say more than 8,000 Baloch freedom activists were abducted by the secret services during an ongoing military operation in Balochistan that has left several thousand dead."

Such high numbers of abductions will enlighten something as to what has led this obnoxious state to such a spot where it has surpassed all the human rights and deliberately avoided response to such actions. The rejection to lend Visas to AFAD will surely mean this that Pakistan and its military are hiding the truth which will reveal their true identity as to what they have done to Baloch nation, their intentions is going to be clear as they have not allowed UNHCR, HRCP, AHRC or the AFAD to investigate those areas where the operation on innocent civil population were conducted, neither they are sincere to let these humanitarian working organizations to visit the Internally Displaced Baloch People, whom are still suffering from the war torn areas of their homeland. Such repulsive examples can be found in numbers like opposing the proposal of US consulate in Quetta declaring it a ‘security risk', which was not a security risk but a risk which Pakistan is not ready to take as US consulate would surely be the doom of Taliban who are proxies of Pakistan against the US & NATO forces in Afghanistan.


The Above points from Part I and II will surely give an overview as to what is the condition of Balochistan today where Pakistan is busy exploiting all the mineral potentials of Balochistan with its allies like China and what is store more for Balochistan. Balochistan the vast land is a NO-GO area to all those humanitarian organizations who are likely concern to investigate and visit the devastated sites and help & aid the IDPS of Balochistan war torn areas but Pakistan with its label of security risk and other excuses have always avoided to take the step of letting these organization visit those families who's family members were abducted or killed by the state agencies neither the Judiciary can hold them nor the Law abide them they are very much running a parallel government in Balochistan where they are the Law and they are the judiciary.

Such repulsive behavior and still the Powers of this world call it as an internal matter of Balochistan, if it truly the internal matter then the UN, EU and all those human rights activists and organization should shut their offices, their exclamation and screams over conditions of violation on nations because they are avoiding such a case where a nation is being pounded from all sides, On one side the Iranian mullah regime is violating the rights in full view but still enjoys the support of different international powers and on the other Pakistani Islamic extremist regime is publicly declaring its abhorrence with Baloch nation while they abduct, torture and murder Political leaders or they would extradite their enemies to Iran for better treatment of torture such was the case with Ehsan Arjemandi (A Baloch and A Norwegian citizen) still believed to be in Iran and was handed over by Pakistan.

Pakistan or Iran's treatment with Baloch nation cannot be overlooked with the mere expression of being their internal matter as Baloch has their distinct identity and they are the owner of this beautiful land known to the world as Balochistan but this beautiful land has became a curse for them which has led many colonial and obnoxious state to conquer it and torture the inhabitants so that they could claim their control over this land.

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