Thursday, 15 July 2010

Diaspora Condemn and condole the target killing of Baloch leaders

Balochwarna join hands with other Baloch organisations and the Baloch in Diaspora to extend its heartfelt condolences to Habib Jalib’s family, party the people of Baluchistan. It is said that people always come together at difficult times and when at time war. At present Baluchistan and Baloch are facing both war and difficult times. The Baluch enemy are trying their best to defame Baluch Independence struggle and to create a situation of civil war in Baluchistan which will only lead the Baluch toward a disastrous ending.

Message of balochi_culture group The condemns cold blooded murder of nationalist leader and Secretary General of BNP Habib Jalib Baloch in the hands of Pakistani intelligence agencies. Pakistan has adopted a new strategy of cleansing of Baloch leadership and leave Baloch as a headless nation.

Yesterday they killed Mola Bakhsh Dashti, today Habib Jalib and tomorrow they will murder another leader.

There are moments to ponder for Baloch that in a dictatorial regimes like Pakistan with a powerless civilian Prime Minister and a spineless President, the only way left for them is the armed struggle.

Baloch can achieve his goal only with bullets and not with ballots. The road to parliament for Habib and Mola Bakhsh ended in their cold blooded murder.

Baloch must learn their lesson that they will never achieve their freedom with taking oath of allegiance to a state which occupied their land.


World Sindhi Congress Press Release

Terming it as a great tragedy and loss of Baloch nation, World Sindhi Congress (WSC) has expressed its deep shock and sadness on the murder of another great Baloch leader, Habib Jalib Baloch. In a press release issued today, WSC strongly condemned the heinous crime of target killing this great son of Baloch nation. Habib Jalib paid the ultimate price for his steadfast lifelong struggle for the rights of his oppressed nation and other suppressed nations in Pakistan.

The assassination of Habib Jalib, would give a further reason, resolute, strength and momentum to the struggle of Baloch nation for their emancipation, said Dr Haleem Bhatti, Chairman WSC.

WSC considers that the hands that killed Habib Jalib are the same that killed Mir Balaach Marri, Nawab Akbar Bughti, Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto and numerous other Baloch and Sindhi leaders and political activists. Based on the experience, WSC believes that the culprits of Habib Jalib’s murder would never be caught and brought to justice. Therefore, WSC requests UN and international community to urgently look in to this matter and undertake an independent enquiry into killing of Baloch and Sindhi political leaders before another tragedy strikes.

WSC on this monumental tragedy offers its heartfelt condolences to his family, his party and the entire Baloch nation. WSC reiterated and reemphasised the need of Baloch and Sindhi nations standing together throughout the entire struggle and difficulties to see their people to live in dignity and peace.

Other groups such as BHRC (Canada & United Kingdom), Baloch Unity, HRCP, Baloch people in Karachi and Balochistan based parties BRP, BNM have also strongly condemned the killing of Mr. Habib Jalib Baluch and termed it a conspiracy against Baluch freedom struggle. They said that political and ideological differences aside, the killing of Jalib was a great tragedy.

Meanwhile Baluchistan remains closed against the killing of Habib Jalib Baluch and a full shutter down protest is being observed across Baluchistan.

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