Saturday, 14 August 2010

Gunmen kill 10 including five security officials in Balochistan bus attack

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Occupied Balochistan: Unknown gunmen killed ten people including five Pakistani security personnel near Much Bolan area of occupied Balochistan. The incident occurred on Saturday morning when a Quetta-Lahore bound bus carrying passengers and Pakistani security forces personnel was attacked.

According to BBC Urdu unknown armed stopped the bus at gunpoint near Aab-e-Gum near district Bolan, Balochistan. The armed men after checking the identity cards of passengers off loaded ten passengers including five security personnel and started shooting at them as a result ten men including five security officials were killed and two were wounded.

According to officials in Quetta the killed men were Punjabi speaking and five among them were security officials. The dead bodies and the injured have been shifted to Quetta under heavy security.

Despite of heavy security arrangements no Independence Day programs were held in Quetta. There were no usual lightening on government buildings, shops and houses. However, Pakistani flag was only seen on Pakistani security forces vehicles.

It is worth noting that this incident happened in a time when pro-Independence Baloch parties are observing a Black Day to decelerate Pakistan’s Independence Day. It is also worth mentioning that three policemen were killed by unknown persons in Quetta on Friday. BLA had claimed responsibility for that attack on police check post in Quetta.


  1. there is no occupied land in Pakistan ,
    in history many empires/rulers came and gone ,
    this region which they call baloch has several languages for thousands of years ,aslike balochi ,
    it does not mean it names will be balochi ,its a multi languages reagion and always a part of today Pakistan and will be forever ,Pakistan zinda bad ,long live Pakistan