Friday, 18 September 2009

12 terrorists held in Quetta, These men were arrested before Ramadhan

BalochWarna has learned from Independent sources that these 12 people were abducted by the Pakistani Intelligence agencies in the before Ramadhan (Muslim holy month/Fasting month) and have been held and tortured in secret illegal detention centers of Pakistani army. The police and Intelligence agencies have failed to arrest those involved in sectarian violence across Balochistan. That is why they are blaming these innocent men for violent activities, to cover up there failure. According to information that we have received these men have never been to Afghanistan or any other country. These men are common laborers who have been abducted from different regions in Balochistan and now have been accused of terrorist activities. It is a matter of shame on the part of Pakistan’s print and electronic media as they did not publish the story of two Intelligence agencies personal who were caught red-handed trying to target kill an innocent teacher in Mastung town in Balochistan, but they are portraying these innocent men as terrorists without any proof and information.

12 terrorists held in Quetta

QUETTA: Twelve terrorists apprehended by the Quetta police have confessed to their involvement in 28 incidents of targeted killings, blowing up railway tracks, hurling hand grenades and motorbike blasts in various parts of the provincial capital.

Addressing a press conference here at his office, CCPO Quetta Abid Hussein Nutkani said the terrorists, including Azeem Bugti, Rahim Bugti, Karim Bugti and Khairullah Bugti, told the investigating officials that they were being trained and funded by elements based in Afghanistan.

They revealed that Brahmdagh Bugti had organised four terror groups, which were active in Quetta, Mastung, Hub, Karachi, Jhat Pat, Tumple, Dera Bugti, Sui and other areas. Targeted killings, blowing railway tracks, hurling hand grenades at the houses of settlers and government officials and bomb blasts were the hallmark of the activities of these terrorists.

Nutkani said that police were still searching for four other terrorists including Bhagi Bugti, Din Muhammad Bugti and Salaam Bugti, who are involved in various acts of sabotage. Sources said that these persons were taken into custody during raids at Sariab, Killi Qambrani, Kirani and adjacent areas. They have been shifted to some unknown place for interrogation.

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