Friday, 4 September 2009

Large Scale arrest in Balochistan

According to Taptan news agency reports in past few days dozens of Baloch youth has been arrested from Zahedan and Sarawan and there is still no information about the arrested ones.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards have accused them of promoting, co-operation and distributing the CDs of the Baloch People Resistance Movement (BPRM) during the arrest, and then have not given any answer to the families of the arrested people.

Taptan reporter from Zahedan have named some of the arrested in the following list:

1. Hamza Rigi

2. Saeed Naroui

3. Abdulrahman Rigi

4. Ezzatullah Rigi

5. Habibullah Rigi

6. Ibrahim Rigi

7. Abdulmalik Rigi

8. Ismael Rigi

9. Hamed Rigi

10. Ahmad Qambarzahi

11. Abdullah Naroui

12. Asadullah Shahbaksh

13. Naser Shahbaksh

Other names of arrested will soon be on.

Sarbaaz Baloch.

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  1. Pakistan government need to talk to the real Baloch stakeholders and come up with a formula which can satisfy the just demands of the Baloch people.