Monday, 14 September 2009

We Are In State Of War;Baloch Should Celebrate Eid With Simplicity: Baloch National Front

Baloch National Front's Central Spokeperson said in a message to Baloch nation that Baloch should celebrate ''Eid Festival'' with Simplicity Because we are in state of war.In march 1948's occupation of 62 years,during this time thousands of Baloch got martyred.In ongoing fifth army operation Baloch national leader,Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti,Nawabzada Balach Khan Marri,Mir Ghulam Mohammad Baloch,Lala Munir Baloch,Sher Mohammad Baloch,Rasool Buksh Mengal,Dr Khalid Baloch,Deljan Baloch,Altaf Baloch,Javed Akhter,Noor Mohammad Baloch,Noor-ul-Haq Baloch,Meer Jan Meeral Baloch Including Mukhtar Baloch and many other freedom fighters gave their life for freedom of Balochistan.Bso Azad's Senior Voice Chairman Zakir Majeed,BRP's Central Information Secretary Jalil Reki,DR Deen Mohammad Baloch,Abdul Kabeer Baloch,Atta Baloch,Mujeeb Baloch Including Zarina Marri morethan 7000 Baloch are in pakistani millitary torture cells.Baloch Guerrilla Leader Wahid Qambar,Mir Qader Baloch Of BNF,Aurangzaib Badeni,Bso Azad's Qambar Chakar,Bebagr Baloch,Mujeeb Wali,BRP Noshki's Asif Brahmdag,Jumma Khan Marri,Abbas Baloch,Mustafa Baloch,Zafar Baloch;Baloch National Poet Ali Jan Qaumi including his son Mujahid Qaumi and 1500 members of BNF are behind bars of different jails in throughout Balochistan.They going through worse torture in millitary cells,several got martyred and disable during torture.

Every House of Balochistan is in state of devastating,inspite of missing persons and martyrdom they do proud on sacrifices of their loved one.In current situation of Balochistan we appeal the entire nation to celebrate eid with simplicity and should be present at graves of martyrs salute them for their sacrifices for nation,meet with family members of missing person's show solidarity with them,take oath to continue the mission of martyrs and missing persons untill the freedom of Balochistan.

Source:Daily Tawar

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