Thursday, 24 September 2009

Balochistan biggest problem, says Gilani

MULTAN - Terming the Balochistan issue as the biggest problem being faced by the country, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that all out efforts will be made to settle the problem amicably.

“We’ll have to act like big brother to eliminate the sense of deprivation among Baloch people. They have been neglected for the last 62 years, but now the government is determined to resolve all their problems,” he said while talking to the journalists at the circuit house during his two-day Eid visit to the his native City. During his stay, the premier also addressed a public gathering, held a meeting of the PPP’s MNAs and MPAs, attended briefings and met with public delegations.

He said the timeframe to resolve the issue would be announced after consulting all political leaders and stakeholders, including the PML-N, after Eid.

He announced that the recommendations of the committees formed earlier and those working on the Balochistan issue right now would also be taken into consideration.

Comments by Ali Raisi: I think at last the Pakistani establishment have come to the conclusion, keeping Balochistan occupied will be a very expensive affair to hold. It should be clear to them, in this struggle the Baloch and Balochistan have nothing to lose but to gain. Because what the most precious they have had, it has been their sovernity and indepence. What was left to them, slavery, humiliation for such a proud nation that it had never prior to that had bowed to somebody, suffering daily atrocities, disappearances, imprisonment, and even the occupying force did not respect her signature on the holy Quran!!! The same blasephemy the occupying force committed towards the Baloch by martyring Shahid Nowroz khan, have taken the Pakistan back, and she is paying the price. The Baloch in this struggle have no palaces to lose, no fatty bank accounts to be empetied, the big position to lose. No hugy pugy to bother about. But instead the Baloch will get it`s dignity by achieving and deciding over his own destiny like all other free nations.

It will be best when they have the chance, free willing to leave the baloch soil and withdaraw their occupying forces and save the face in order to get some favor from the free independent Balochistan and secure good neighborhood relation with Baloch people.

The Pakistani establishment, have to keep in mind after the baloch independence, it will not be the Baloch who will be in need of Punjab, but Punjab, will need balochistan for her energy needs, and his man power to be employed the Baloch country. Sooner your occupying forces leave balochistan, the better chances you leave to save your face and get favors. Otherwise, you have to thank yourself what will happen.

The Pakistan establishment have to remember, nation in the world, no matter big, or power it may have been could keep another small, tiny and weak nation in her custody and enslavement

You have no chance and no future by holding on the occupation of Balochistan.

Each day, you keep your occupying forces in Balochistan, you bleed, you suffer. But the baloch no, they are waging a defensive war for their dignity for breaking the chains of slavery. In each and every culture, this type of defensive war for national freedom is holy and admirebale. If you do not believe me, see the Algerian war for independence, the Zimbabowian war for independence, look to the Vietnames war for national independence. Let us not travel far away, your own wing of East Pakistan. How brave they were who stood against your mighty forces and kicked you forces with an injured ego? Your occupying forces ego was so damage, til day today, they can not rise their heads as men. Are you going to experience this once again? Hafeze Shiraz said in his poems which i translate it for you. He said it in Persian this way: AZMODEH RA AZMODAN, KHATAST!!! It means, the most stupid thing in life is that, when some is tried, some body trys to test it again.

If you are not sure to make a decision, let me assure you, that the Baloch do not need to have the most powerful army of the world to crush your occupation will. It is enough every day, the Baloch kids in every parts of Balochistan throw smal stones to your occupying forces. For how long you can stay there and bear the stones of these kids? Your occupying forces get tired, but not the Baloch kids. Why? Because these kids are staying at their homes and defending their huts!!! Yes, so simple our defensive war for our dignity is.

I want to belive, that there are some people in your establishment, that they have their senses intact. What the intact senses mean here? Yes, these senses should tell you, that why you the Punjabis should be superior to the Baloch? Are you better creation? Are you more handsome that to keep us enslaved? Yesterdays slaves in Africa, sorry for this example, but has been a fact, are free. They, yesterdays slaves are running their own affairs. And there in yesterdays slave black Africa, have risen 43 independent countries, big as small. We, are not less than any other people of the world. We have the record of having a kingdom at least for 500 years, while you by a conspiration, got the right to rule an artificial country for just little over 62 years.

So, I call upon, conscience, think again, once again. Do you think you can keep us enslaved any longer? If your answer is yes, then you are deadly wrong. You are being forced today, to think about this occupation. Tomorrow you will be thrown away from Balochistan, face down. At that time, your regret can not save you.

So, when you have realized now, that the Pakistan`s main problem is Balochistan. You have choice, and a bold choice, be a brave occuppier, and announce a date, that you free willing, pull out your occupying forces from Balochistan. By doing so, we will recall you a more fair colonial power than your master colonial power, the British!!!

Mr. Gilani, be bold and wise,dare, announce a date for pull out of your occupying forces from Balochistan. By doing so, you will avoid more bloodshed from poor innocent Baloch and your occupying forces.

Your annexation of Balochistan, was the biggest mistake of the so called Islamic Pakistan. It will be very good for everybody, you by pulling out your occupying forces from Balochistan, correct that mistake.

Long Live Free and Independent Balochistan, either the enemies like or not.

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