Monday, 7 September 2009

The new announcement of BPRM about killing the master mind informer behind the Mashkeel rocket attacks

Hereby Baloch People Resistance Movement (BPRM) wants to inform the people of Balochistan that the brave sons of Balochistan have killed a mercenary of the regime who had a important role in the rocket attacks on Mashkyl city.

Ghafoor Rigi was a local informer of the regime who was the master mind of the recent rocket attacks on Mashkyl city and in person accompanying Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the brutal operation which caused the death of three womens and injuring several others is been killed in a successful operation by BPRM on Monday.

The operation is a warning for all the informers that stop working for the evil regime and return to the people they belong to otherwise they should be ready to face similar fate as Gafoor Rigi.

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