Sunday, 6 September 2009

Unknown fate of the arrested teachers in Balochistan

Human Rights Activists in Iran

It is now about a month when the iranian security forces arrested atleast 22 Baloch teachers and educators from the city of Sarawan in two step raids. The reasons for this inexperienced detention is not clear, but the common reason of arrested teachers is they belong to national minorities and the Sunni Baloch being of them.

Some names of detainees include: Mohd Saleh Islamzahi with his 17 years old son Mehdi Islamzahi, Aleem Jangizahi a teacher from Bagherkhan school Sarawan, Behroz Bahoorzahi son of Peerbaksh a teacher from 12 Ordibehesht school Sarawan, Alireza Chakari son of Shahdullah Deputy of Bagherkhan school Sarawan, Hameedreza Chakari son of Shahdullah a school teacher in Sarawaan, Abdulrahman Rawanbaksh Computer engineer and a Education staffer Sarawaan.

Approximately one month after the arrest of these individuals only two of them have been released so far And other teachers who are over 20 individuals are still in unknown local detention, Continuous follow-up of their families has not resulted any information about the fate of arrested teachers from the Security and judicial institutions Since the arrest. Families of detainees are suffering and concerned about the fate and future of their loved ones.

Sarbaaz Baloch

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