Saturday, 5 September 2009

Some other names of arrested in Balochistan

More than hundred Baloch citizens have been arrested in Zahedan and Sarawan in last two weeks, of whom the Youth constitute the majority,the exact number of detainees is not known but in the list below there are some more new names of arrested people brought by Taptan News Agency correspondent Zahedan.

1.Haji Khaliq Daad Naroui son of Vali Daad Naroui (60 years old), his crime is being the father of one of the BPRM fighters.

2. Abdulrahman Naroui son of Haji khaliq Daad Naroui

3. Ahmad Naroui son of Kareem

4. Azizullah Naroui sonf of Abdul

5. Amir Hamza Naroui son of Naeem

6. Ahmad Naroui son of Haidar

Taptan correspondent in Zahedan is trying to get all the names of arrested people, and we will soon obtain them for our readers.

Sarbaaz Baloch.

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