Sunday, 20 September 2009

Zahedan City and the university of Balochistan (Zahedan), are two different things

Pictures from Balochistan (Zahedan) University

Pictures from the city of Zahedan

University of Balochistan (Zahedan) is not for Baloch students and Balochs have never benefited from the university. Zahedan is the largest student city in Iran after Tehran, among the thousands of students in the University there is not even a thousand Baloch students, perhaps the University of Balochistan is only there to develop persian culture in Balochistan, thus they look after this University more than any other and last year it was introduced as the most beautiful University in Iran and even more beautiful than the Wollongong university Australia.

This University has nothing in common with Balochistan or one can say that it has no relations with Balochistan or even nothing to do with Balochistan and Baloch culture.
Sarbaaz Baloch.

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