Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Zaboli aggressors are continually arresting and torturing Baloch youth

Marks on the body of a Baloch who was tortured by the zabolis

According to news received by Taptan news agency large scale arrests continue in Balochistan, and during the past few days dozens have been arrested for cooperating and distributing the CDs of BPRM ( Baloch People Resistance Movement) in Balochistan.

Criminal zabolis and Iranian Revolutionary Guards are in a mission of arresting Baloch youth, putting them behind the bars and torturing them till death, during the past few days dozens of young Baloch have been arrested in the cities of Iranshahr, Chabahar, Sarbaaz, Sarawaan, Khash and Zahedan while the previous arrested Balochs are still not released and are in detention.

Iran thinks that by arresting the youth they can create a atmosphere of fear between the people of Balochistan, so the Baloch people will not fight for their rights,if so then Pakistan would have crushed the growing Baloch movement for Independence ages ago, but she has tought wrong because these arrests has only added to the hate of people towards the criminal zabolis and Iran, so it will cause more people to go in the battlefield and fight for a democratic Free Balochistan.

Now the Baloch youth is tired of the non-human and anti-human behavior of Zabolis and are ready to join the rank of BPRM to fight for the independence of their motherland Balochistan.

By Sarbaaz Baloch

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