Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Abduction of Baloch activists’ psychological defeat of occupation forces and Intelligence agencies: AIM

Occupied Balochistan: Anjuman-e-Itehad-e-Marri (Marri Unity Organisation) has said in a statement that abduction of pro-independent Baloch activists’ Mahboob Wadhela, Bohair Bangulzai, KD Baloch, Mohiudeen Baloch, Mushtaq Baloch and arrest and torture of Baloch students in Pasni illustrate the psychological defeat of the occupation forces and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. The statement of AIM further claimed that successful and guerrilla actions tactics of Baloch armed groups have made the occupation forces flurried and out of their senses.

They said that Baloch enemy was now even scared of peaceful protests and public gatherings. They are so fearful that they don’t even allow the Baloch to commemorate the death anniversaries of Baloch leaders and other martyrs of war of liberation. If remembering our national leaders is a crime then whole of Baloch Nation is guilty of committing this crime and if the Pakistani military and agencies think raising voice for freedom is an act of treachery than every Baloch men, women and children is a traitor, [because every Baloch wants freedom].

The AIM statement reiterated that enemy’s bombs, tanks, abductions, imprisonment and torture cannot stop the flow of Baloch masses struggle for liberation. Baloch Nation is not an orphan or a waif nation that the state [Pakistan] can weaken them with its military might, in fact Baloch have their own very well-organized and gallant army in shape of Baloch Sarmachaars or armed groups who are fighting against the enemy courageously. The Baloch brave sons have forced the enemy to run away from their motherland claimed the AIM statement.

The AIM spokesperson has paid rich tributes to Doda Bugti who has killed in a gun battle against Pakistani security forces in chattar Khalji area of Dera bugti on Friday. He said the continuous sacrifices of Baloch youth are prove of their determination to further Baloch struggle for liberation. Soon Balochistan will reappear on the map of world as an independent and sovereign state.

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