Friday, 16 April 2010

Another attack on Baloch students in Punjab.

The students wing of Punjabi political leader Nawaz Sharif, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan has attacked Baloch students in Government College of Technology Faisalabad’s hostel, badly injuring Ahsan Baloch, Chengez Baloch, Ahmed Baloch and Ajmal Baloch, who are members of Baloch Student Organization (Azaad). The planned assaulters warned all the Baloch students to leave Punjab immediately and chanted slogans against veteran Baloch leader Baba Khair Buksh Marri, Balochistan and Baloch people.

Previously Baloch students have been assaulted in different cities of Punjab and several Baloch students have been severely injured due to these attacks, whereas these attack are being carried out with the support of most powerful Sharif family in Punjab who have strong relationships with Pakistan army. The culprits are not only being safeguarded by Pakistan’s bureaucracy but are also being encouraged to torture Baloch students in Punjab.
Baloch students who have very few institutions to get enrolled in, are forced to go to Punjab in order to further their higher studies, but the threat to their lives in Punjab is darkening the future of Baloch students who would be having no access to higher education. Baloch students in Punjab should be treated as foreign students and the threat to their lives in not only threat to the lives of Baloch students but it is a threat to the lives of every foreign student who have left their countries to acquire higher education. Baloch Student Organization (Azaad) appeals all the foreign students around the world to stand against these inhuman activities of Pakistan and stand together to further the voice of humanity.

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