Friday, 2 April 2010

Iran and Pakistan are preparing for a massive operation against the Brave Baloch Freedom Fighters

Occupied Balochistan: According to reports from different parts of Balochistan, Pakistan and Iran, both, have launched a massive joint military operation in all districts of Pakistani occupied Balochistan in which heavy military war equipments are deployed, jet fighters, gunship helicopters have been seen flying over the skies of Balochistan. All military camps have been put on high alerts. Reinforcing and increasing the number of forces, particularly coveys of the hardcore conventional forces, from all direction of Sindh, Sarhad and Punjab joining boarders, tanks and artilleries have been seen heading towards strategic areas of inner Balochistan, where they are likely to meet Baloch resistance forces.

Iranian air force and Revolutionary Guards in a massive scale are also mobilised to take part in this gory operation in the arbitrary border areas of occupied Balochistan, against Sarmachars, (the freedom sarmachars). In Mand, a border town between Iran and Pakistan, our reporters have informed Radio Gwank that Iranian air fighter jets have been seen low flying over Mand sky yesterday at 12. The Areas between Panjgoor and Awaran, particularly Gichk town are under the virtual siege of Pakistani occupying forces. Reports are also coming from Taptan Mashkil, Zamuran of Newano Bualaida, forces are preparing for an incursion into Pakistani occupied areas to enforce Pakistani forces engaged in the operation.

According to our reliable sources, the main objective of this brutal operation is to expel Sarmachars from cities, towns and villages of Balochistan where frequencies of urban attacks against Pakistani forces have recently increased. But when Radio Gwank contacted a spokesperson of a resistance force, about this operation, he said the coward Pakistani and Iranian forces are depending on their air forces. Otherwise their armed forces are of no match to Baloch Sarmachars. Baloch Sarmachars are a defensive force, engaged in a struggle to expel the occupying alien forces from Baloch homeland. It should be remembered that the strategic dialogues between Pakistan and the United States took place, are feared that all American sophisticated weapons have been consented by US administration to be used against Baloch national struggle for freedom, instead of al Qaeda and Talban.

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