Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Efforts to change the historical name of Balochistan

Price of Ethnic Name of Balouchistan

Pakistani nation is already paying heavy price of ethnic name of province of Balouchistan, it has become a chronic disease and nuisance and Balouch organizations are killing and are involved in ethnic cleansing of Pukhtoons and Punjabies and their Ideology is based on just ethnic name of Balouchistan.

Need to change ethnic Name to Non ethnic Name of Balouchistan.

Infact due to killing and victimization of ethnic minorities In Balouchistan and to counter such ethnic cleansing in that province there is need to change the ethnic name of Balouchistan by some geographical name such as Jabalistan or Hills Land and making more provinces of that provinces such as Quetta Province, Makran Province, Kalat Province, Chaggi Province and Lasbella Province for countering disease of Provincialism instead of surrendering against Provincialism and Ethnocentrism.

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