Saturday, 17 April 2010

Throwing acid on Baloch Women is a heinous crime: Hyrbyair Marri

London: patriot Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri while regarding the acid attack on two innocent Baloch girls in Dalbandin as a horrific act, has said that Baluch women held the highest place in Baluch society. No honoured Baluch or National defender can even think of doing any such unforgivable act because in Baloch society the position and honour of a woman is above everything. He said Baluch are secular and there is no space for religious extremism in Baluch society.

Narrow-mindedness and disrespecting women is not Baloch code of honour. Baluch Women played a significant role in Baloch freedom struggle alongside Baluch youth (men). The enemy seems very fearful of the growing popularity of liberation movement in Baluchistan and hence the hidden powers are trying to sabotage Baluch struggle through their newly invented acts of savageness.

Those who are deliberately attempting to persuade the Baluch (youth) towards religious extremism must know that the Baluch Nation has very rich traditions and codes of honour. Baloch have their own high standards of dignity and honour. Nations’ minds cannot be enhanced by acidifying them but positives changes can be made only through good behaviour and honouring Baluch traditions.

Baluch brothers and sisters if want to live in a dignified society then they must understand the background of Baloch history and take active part in Baluch freedom struggle on ideological basis.

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