Saturday, 10 April 2010

Shutter down protest against Mahboob Wadhela and Bohair Bangulzia’s abduction

Occupied Balochistan, Gwadar: A half day shutter down protest was observed in Gawader against the abduction of Mahboob Wadhela and Bohair Bangulzai, on the appeal of BNF. Shops and offices remained closed (willingly) from 6AM until 2PM to record their protest against abductions of Baloch political activists across Balochistan at the hand of Pakistani intelligence agencies. Security forces were on alert in Gwader at during the protest hours.

BNF leader have thanked the business owners for cooperating and said that every Baloch shares the sorrow and pain of those families whose loved one have been abducted. They said from an ordinary worker to leadership everyone’s moral is high. The state has failed to deter Baloch liberation struggle by offering incentives, hence they using brute force and illegally abducting Baloch brave sons. The abduction of Mahboob Wadhela and Bohair Bangulazi was clear example of state’s frustration and failure.

On the other hand FC has abducted son of a late BRP leader Haji Hayat Jamaldidni, Mr Khalid Hayat Jamaldini. According to details Sami Hayat Jamaldini said that elder brother Khalid Hayat Jamaldini had arrived Quetta from Noshki where the personnel of FC stopped him near Saleem Complex and abducted him. The family members still do not know about his whereabouts.

BRP and BRSO members strongly condemned his abduction and took out a protest rally in Noshki town.

Source: daily Tawar

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