Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Pakistan FC shot dead yet another Baloch political activist in Khuzdar

Occupied Balochistan, Naal: Pakistani security force (the FC) has shot dead yet another political activist in Khuzdar here on Tuesday. According to details the Pakistani FC during a routine patrol in Khoda Korask area of Naal signalled an alleged suspect Mr Abdul Haq Samalani to stop on non compliance, they opened indiscriminate fire on him with automatic weapons, he received multiple injuries and after first aid he was shifted to Civil Hospital Khuzdar in critical condition. However the doctors could not save his life and he succumbed to his injuries. The FC claimed to have recovered a kalashinkov and several bullets from the victim’s possession.

The relatives of the deceased gathered in front of hospital after hearing the harrowing news. Later they took the dead body of Abdul Haq Baloch and strongly protest against the unprovoked incident, they chanted slogan against FC (frontier corps) and demanded the arrested to those involved in the murder of Mr Samalani.

The relatives of Abdul Haq Baloch said that he was first arrested by the FC and killed in cold-blood; they also alleged that Mr Samalani was abandoned near a police station in Naal, seriously injured. He was later shifted to hospital by spectators. The family has also rejected FC’s claim of recovering a Kalashinkov and bullets from him. They said FC has killed an innocent man but now they were lying to justify their act of terror against an unarmed civilian.

Meanwhile BNF (Baloch National Front) the unity of Baloch pro-independence parties and Baloch student Organisation strongly condemn the FC for killing yet another innocent Baloch. They said the Pakistani security forces are losing their senses as the situations in Balochistan are getting out of their hands. Thus, they are killing, abducting and insulting unarmed civilian, students and other peaceful political activists. The FC and intelligence agencies of Pakistan already killed Rasool Bux Baloch, waja GM Baloch and his companions in cold-blood.

They said that the FC and Intelligence agencies have been given a free hand to mass murder innocent Baloch, but the state must remember that Baloch struggle for freedom cannot be brought to an end by such heinous acts of the state sponsored terrorist forces.

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