Friday, 23 April 2010

Police station and security force vehicle blown up in Balochistan, Baloch student injured by FC firing

Occupied Balochistan: A remote control device planted on a motorbike heavily damaged Pakistani security forces vehicle in Gwader and left at least one soldier critically injured, a Baloch student has also reportedly suffered serious injuries due FC’s indiscriminate shooting.

According details Pakistani forces vehicle was attacked near Padi Zar Petrol Station on Thursday around 4pm when Pakistani occupation forces were patrolling in the area. In the attack one FC personnel identified as Lance Naik Zar Wali sustained injuries. The vehicle was also heavily damaged in the blast. Pakistani official sources say that a motorcycle was used in the attack which was blown up by a remote controlled device when the FC vehicle was passing by.

After the explosion occupation forces surrounded the area and started indiscriminate firing. Due to Pakistani forces firing a passer-by Student identified as Amjad S/O Siyaho received bullet injuries. He was shifted to District Civil Hospital for initial treatment but he has been shifted to Karachi due to seriousness of his injuries.

Eye-witnesses reported that there was a sense of fear and harassment as the Pakistani forces assaulted passersby, entered people’s houses and mistreated Baloch women after the incident.

Separately, unknown men have blown up an under construction Police station in Mashky, Balochistan. According to details unknown men planted explosive device near an under construction police station in Mashkay which went off and heavily damaged the building. No casualties have been reported in the incident.

It must be noted that fighters from BLF (Baloch Liberation Front) had blown up a drug den in Buleda near Turbat Tuesday-Wednesday night. The drug den was owned by a notorious drug dealer Arif Karim which was used as store and narcotics and liquor. There was no report of injury to anybody.

Doda Baloch of BLF claimed the responsibility of the attack and warned other drug dealers like Karim to stop destroying the Baloch youth’s life by selling them drug and liquors, otherwise they will be attacked in the same manner. He further warned those who are involved in snatching motorcycles, robbery and other anti-social behaviours to quit such disgrace activities which are production of slavery. He appealed the Baloch youth to join Baloch national movement for liberation because freedom and getting rid of slavery were the solution for the problems that Baloch are facing today.

Source: DailyTawar & Balochistan National newspapers

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