Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Family and well wishers of Mahboob Wadhela Baloch protest in front of Karachi press club

Family of Ghaffar Langov set up a token hunger strike protest in front of Quetta Press Club

Karachi: Family, friends and party colleagues of Mahboob Wadhela Baloch have demanded his immediate release. They were protesting against his abduction by Pakistani intelligence agencies from Karachi on 2nd April 2010. Protesters were holding placards inscribed against Pakistan authorities and demands for the release of Mahboob Wadhela Baloch.

According to family sources, the driver (of the Van) and passengers, the Van in which Mahboob was travelling was stopped at Yousaf Goath in Karachi by the Police first; as soon as the Van stopped, military personnel in plain clothes got on it and started checking ID cards of the passengers. When they reached to Mahboob and checked his ID “that’s (him) the one we’re looking for”, they muttered to each other. Then they asked Mr Wadhela to pick his luggage and get off the Van.

Speaking to media men Mr Wadhela’s Brother Faisal Baloch said that his brother (Mahboob) had come to Karachi for his treatment because he was suffering from a kidney pain. On 2nd April he boarded a Van to Gwadar for some family (urgent) work but was due to come back to Karachi for his complete treatment. Mr Faisal said that Mahboob was not wanted in any case and he never engaged in illegal or unlawful acts. Why was he arrested? He went on to say that because his brother is suffering from kidney pain and it is suspected that he will be inhumanly tortured, provided with no medication that is why his life is in grave danger. He appealed the Cheif justice of Pakistan, The United Nations and other Human Rights Organisations to take notice of Mahboob’s illegal arrest and use their influence to save his life. If my bother has committed any crime he should be brought before the court of justice, he argued.

Meanwhile the family sources said that four days has passed but still there was no clue of Mr Wadhela. They said according law and constitution if any citizen commits he crime he/she must be produced before a court within 24 hours of his/her arrest but Mahboob is missing from last four days; the relevant departments have failed to recover him and produce him to the court of law.

They reiterated the Mahboob’s life is in danger hence the Supreme Court must take issue notices to Sindh Police and officer of intelligence agencies in Sindh to insure Mr Wadhela’s safe and early release.

Open in new windowSeparatly, in Quetta the family members of Comrade Abdul Ghaffar Langov Baloch observed a token hunger strike protest in front of Quetta Press Club on Saturday. They said Ghaffar was the only bread-winner of the family and after his arrest family was under psychological pressure. Ghaffar Langove was whisked away by Pakistani intelligence agencies from Karachi 11-12-2009. He has never been produced to any court and his family members have not been told about his whereabouts.

Mr Langov’s family said that he had been arrested twice already and he spent several years in prison. After completing his sentence he had been released. But his freedom was short-lived as the intelligence agencies re-arrested him for the third time from a Karachi hospital where his wife was under treatment.

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