Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Baloch writer threaten of dire consequences by Pakistani agencies

Moscow: I have survived their two attempts of assassination, they are constantly threatening me of grave consequences, and they want to show the world that it was a suicide attempt". "Pakistani state is scared of my relationship with Baloch national struggle for freedom as a writer" said the famous Baloch writer Hafeez Hasan Abadi.

The renowned pro-independent Baloch nationalist writer have expressed his apprehension that he was constantly being threatened by Pakistani agencies, two attempt of assassination have been made by Pakistani spy agents to kill him, but fortunately he survived their live threatening attacks, he further expressed that Pakistani agents wanted to show the world that he committed suicide, or killed in a car accident. He further cautioned Baloch nation that neither he wanted to commit suicide, nor he had any intention to do so.

He said that "Pakistani state would be responsible for any harm; if I ever received from these agents". He further stated that Pakistani state was troubled by his writings, his several articles had been translated in English language and published in many international newspapers and periodicals; therefore they wanted to silent my voice forever. But he reaffirmed his pledge that he would never abdicate his commitment to Baloch national struggle for freedom as a writer.

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