Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My brother has been abducted by Intelligence agencies: Sister of Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langov

Occupied Balochistan, Quetta: The sister of Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langove has said that her brother was abducted on 11, December, 2009 from ISM Hospital Karachi by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan. “We (Family) do not know about his well-being and conditions, he had been abducted several times in the past but we contacted the courts and they found him not guilty, Hence he was released”, she explained.

She was speaking to media men from a protest camp outside Quetta Press Club, she appealed all Human Rights Organisations [national and international] to take notice of Pakistan’s atrocities and help her to find her brother. She said from past several years Baloch youth are being abducted, falsely imprisoned and severely tortured at the hands of Pakistan army and intelligence agencies. Extra judicial arrests and illegal detentions have become daily routine in Balochistan. They (Pakistanis) illegally detain and torture Baloch youth for several months and then implicate them in phony charges of terrorism. In many instances they coerce the detainees to admit crimes that they did not commit, through the use of inhuman torture and humiliation.

She said that her brother was first arrested in 2001 from his (government) office. He was interrogated for two weeks and then released because of the interference of the court. Couple of months later he was rearrested and disappeared for a while and then charged with fabricated cases and sentenced. He completed his sentence and was let go. He was abducted for the third time On 11, December, 2009 from a hospital in Karachi and he is still missing. She urged the Supreme Court to take suo moto notice against her brother Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langov’s arrest and issue his release orders.

Courtesy: Daily Tawar

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immediate relatives and kids of Mir Abdul Ghaffar Langove burning their books in protest (it has become hard for them to continue education after their only bread-winner has been abducted by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan)

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