Friday, 30 April 2010

Tribal elders Habib Marri and Malook Marri abducted while on their way to court

Occupied Balochistan: Mach region’s tribal and social leaders Habib Marri and Malook Marri have been abducted by Pakistani Intelligence agencies while on their way to an ATF (Anti Terrorist Force) court in Sibi. According details both tribal elders were going to Sibi to submit their bail applications when they were stopped on main road and taken away towards an unknown location. According their relatives the Police are denial about their arrest, so it is obvious that they have been whisked away by the personnel of intelligence agencies.

Mir Habib and Malook Marri had already spend four years in different torture centres and jails but they were granted bail by an ATF court in early 2010 and their case is under trial in Sibi. However, two weeks ago they were implicated in another case of an alleged attack on Pakistani FC in Margat region of Mach town in Balochistan. The arrest was made in a time when both tribal elders were on their way to attend the court for their previous cases and wanted to submit pre-arrest bail application for this new allegation against them.

It must be noted that Nawab Khair Bux Marri and Nawabzada Hyrbyair Marri were also nominated along with Habib and Malook Marri in this alleged attack on FC in Marget around two weeks ago. Balochistan’s political party, student organisations and other social and political leaders had strongly condemned the registering of case against Baloch leaders and had termed it a conspiracy against Baloch National movement for freedom.

Meanwhile the family of Habib Marri and Malook Marri showed great concern about the sudden about of their relatives. They appealed the ATF court Sibi, Pakistan Supreme Court, Balochistan High Court, and Human Right Commission to use their influence for the safe and early recovery and release of Baloch elders. They also urged the courts to take action against FC and intelligence agencies for illegally abducting Marri elders.

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