Thursday, 8 April 2010

Eight Baloch abducted by Intelligence of Pakistan from New Kahan and Killi Ismael

Occupied Balochistan: Five Marri Baloch namely Kamal Khan Marri, Laeya Marri, Lala Marri and Lal Mohammd Marri were on their way home Killi Kamaloo from Hazar Ganji fruit and vegetable Market when the FC stopped their car on Hazar Ganji link road. They have immediately been blind folded and put into the vehicle of intelligence agencies that have already been waiting for them at the check post. Their Alto car has also been taken away. Few hours later a relative of the abducted men Mr Azad Marri has also been detained when he was going to the Shalkot police station to register an FIR against the forced-disappearance his relatives. Like the other man Azad was also first stopped by the FC near Qambarani road check post and later they handed him to the intelligence agencies.

The Shalkot Police Station as usual is in denial about the whereabouts of the abducted men and they refused to register an FIR. Despite the government’s claim to release Baloch political activists, force-disappearances have risen in Balochistan once again. New Kahan ‘also know as Gaza Strip of Balochistan’ has been the site of intense cruelties of Pakistani authorities almost two dozen Marri Baloch have been abducted from New Kahan in past few months. Baloch political parties and relatives of Baloch force-disappeared activists claim that more than 8,000 Baloch are held in different secret cells of Pakistani intelligence agencies across Pakistan. It is feared that most of the missing Baloch activists have either been killed or disabled by the vicious Pakistani security forces and that is why they are in denial about the whereabouts of the seized Baloch.

Meanwhile two brother of Najeebullah Langove have been arrested from killi Ismael on 6 April, 2010. Najeebullah himself was arrested on 5, April by the intelligence agencies. Speaking to Daily Tawar the family of Shaheed Sagar-e-Baloch and Majeed Baloch said that on 5, April the state [Pakistani] forces raided the hose of Shaheed Amir Bux Baloch is nephews and arrested Najeebullah and the next day they returned again; arrested the other two brothers Naseebullah and Bismillah Langov, who is only 13 years old.

Baloch freedom seeking parties affiliated with BNF has strongly condemned the abduction of the Nephews of Shaheed Majeed Baloch and other thousand of Baloch.

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