Monday, 19 April 2010

An ex MPA and serving police officers are involved in kidnapping for ransom and harassing people: BLA

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Residents should not trust hand-written pamphalets. It is not our policy, Pakistani agencies and land mafia are trying to defame Baluch resistance organisations: Jihand Baloch.

Occupied Baluchistan: Baluch Resistance Organisation BLA has revealed that an ex PMA (Member of Provincial Assembly) and several serving police officers were involved in growing incidents of kidnappings for ransom and snatching motorcycles in different region of Baluchistan, in particular in Quetta. A spokesman of BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) Jihand Baloch told “Dunya News” that BLA was concerned about mounting occurrences of kidnapping for ransom and we (BLA) want to disclose that an organised group is involved in such action; this group is being looked after, assisted and protected by serving police officers and an ex MPA. He further said that we have compiled a detailed report in this regard. We have also found out that there are three or four groups that are involved in snatching motorcycles and other such incidents. BLA is making a list of all those engaged in these activities. On the right time we will share these lists and details with media, he explained.

The BLA spokesman further said some people are throwing pamphlets in order to harass the residents in the name of BLA. These people are trying to defame the Baloch resistance Organisations. We have investigated this matter and reached to the people involved in such activities; one property dealer is also among them (who are harassing other people in the name of BLA). Few days ago threatening pamphlets were thrown in people houses in Khalilurahman Road, Nava Killi and several areas of Saryab Road. I want to clarify that BLA has nothing to do with these pamphlets; we believe the land mafia is trying to scare people in the name of Baloch Resistance Organisations in order to occupy their properties.

He further said that this is neither our aim nor our policy and we want to tell the residents of Baluchistan that do not trust hand-written pamphlets. BLA doesn’t distribute such notices and it not a part of our policy; Pakistani agencies and land mafia are trying to vilify BLA. Jihand Baluch strongly warned all those people who are collecting funds in the name of BLA or harassing people in order to take over their properties. He said BLA asks these people to stop using the name of Baloch Resistance Organisation for their dirty purposes otherwise BLA reserves the right to take action against such people and we WILL take strong action against these people, he made it clear.

Strongly condemning the acidifying two little sisters in Daalbandin the BLA spokesman said that such extremist actions are contrary to Baloch code of honour and values. He said one so called organisation has carried out this attack which is conspiracy to disgrace the Baluch society. BLA is investigating the gory incident and whoever did it, strongest action will be taken against them.

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